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  2. decimon

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    A gift to people without the time or money for the classroom.

    If this is yet on the edX site then I missed it. But I see that Berklee and others already have courses:
  3. Steve Levicoff

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    A point or two of trivia: Why, you might ask, didn’t Touro adopt as its web site?

    Because it already belonged to The Union Institute. Touro basically ripped off the TUI acronym from Union, and for some godforsaken reason, Union let them get away with it. Until that time, what was pronounced “Too-ee” was interpreted to be Union.

    Union would eventually change its name (once again) to Union Institute & University. Obviously, it would make sense that they would use as its URL. But no – that already belonged to Upper Iowa University, so Union was stuck with using “”

    But even today, if you enter on the URL line, it will divert you to, not to anything involving Touro.
  4. decimon

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    A sour note befalls this thread, Sir Levicoff.
  5. nosborne48

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    Hmm. Well, it IS Juilliard so no one could question their bona fides...but I am unsure about learning piano technique at the "Intermediate or advanced beginner" level in this way. Not a week goes by that MY piano teacher beats some non-obvious (to me) technique into my 64 year old head. She watches very carefully and corrects, demonstrates, corrects, demonstrates, and corrects again. Sometimes we can spend half a lesson in one seemingly small thing. The problem with learning classical piano technique is that the student can acquire bad habits that cause trouble later and are notoriously hard to eradicate once established. It's not a "no harm no foul" situation.
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  6. Ted Heiks

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    And what are their respective specialties?
  7. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    I'd say Julliard is better known for classical, Berklee for contemporary. (Not that either sucks at anything they do.)
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  8. Johann

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    That - and laziness - and no particular love for classical music - are probably the reasons I've stayed away from most classical music for guitar. In non-classical fields, one person's bad habit is sometimes another's proprietary technique. Blues great T-Bone Walker held his guitar at a very odd angle - about 90 degrees off the standard. But he made it work for him. Keith Richards of the Stones plays mostly in an open tuning, with one string missing. He knows how to play 'regularly' and owns 3,000 guitars. But he does things his way - superbly. One of my blues favourites, Texas-born Albert Collins, "the Ice Man" usually played in an E minor tuning, with a capo somewhere around the fifth fret of his Telecaster.

    I have all kinds of bad playing habits - e.g. I anchor my pinky on the guitar top when I finger-pick. Been doing it for 50 years+. I've quit worrying about my bad habits. The legendary Gypsy guitarist, Django Reinhardt, had two paralyzed fingers on his left (fretting) hand, from being badly burned in a fire, when he was about 18. He never even let that injury slow him down! At 75, thank goodness I still have time to learn - but not to unlearn!

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  11. Johann

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    Thanks for sharing! I still think traditional schooling (actually going to physical classes) is the best but all the online courses available definitely help a lot of people. I'll be sure to forward these to all my friends too.
  13. decimon

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    FWIW - I informed Juilliard of the bad link and saw that it was corrected. Just received a thank you for the heads up.
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