first Accredited PhD Program in Clinical Hypnotherapy in the United States?

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    I also found this, which also says: while there are no US accredited degrees specifically in hypnosis or hypnotherapy, there are PhD Psychology programs available, specializing in hypnosis / hypnotherapy.

    PhD in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy: Doctorate Degree Program Info

    Hmmm. I may enrol. Caution! Do not look directly into my eyes! :smile:

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    Well, Dr. Laferney, I've at least found you one AAHEA-accredited school that offers the Doctoral program. Here it is. Hypnotherapy This school has been accredited by AAHEA since 2009 - but I believe its headquarters are in Spain, not the US. So maybe there's another. Google is your friend.

    * I note the minimum fee is 5,750 Euros, though. As I said, there's probably another school that was being referred to. And I hope you noticed - the ad. you referred to says in fine print the entire cost is $4,995 - not $1,000. It says for their program, you have to take all the "Board's" courses before the Doctorate as prerequisites. Perhaps you're assuming your three (or more) very good degrees and extensive professional career will be taken into account. If you find the other school, I hope they do - I wish you well. ... :smile:

    Cheers. Johann out.

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    I don't know . . . that place looks a little scary to me.
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    Yes, it scares me a bit too - I wouldn't want to put my mind under the control of just anybody - with a high school diploma and a year of clinical training - or a non-degree distance course. This is, no doubt, a serious effort; the on-ground clinical training is Nationally Accredited by ACCET and the distance course by DEAC - but still - not for me.

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