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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Maniac Craniac, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. b4cz28

    b4cz28 New Member

    Everyone keeps listing a bunch of old shows.
  2. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member Staff Member

  3. sandraeli

    sandraeli New Member

    They're not old, they've just been in syndication for a long time.
  4. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    :hijacked: I have never watched even a single episode of American Idol or Survivor but I have watched every single episode of Deadliest Catch. Maybe it's silly but I cried when Phil Harris died.
  5. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member Staff Member

    Road Runner
  6. GeneralSnus

    GeneralSnus Member

    With a few exceptions, they're the only ones worth a damn.
  7. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly

    For what it's worth, I don't think that's silly. That one's always struck me as more of a documentary than a "reality show".

  8. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    Because the new ones are just not that good!
  9. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    I have watched Deadliest Catch and American Pickers but would not consider them "reality shows".
  10. NorCal

    NorCal Active Member

    Ah man, I completely forgot about that one, American Pickers is a great show.

    Good call !!
  11. b4cz28

    b4cz28 New Member

    That's the best show ever! Well AP and Pawn Stars!
  12. mattbrent

    mattbrent Active Member

    Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can...


  13. james_lankford

    james_lankford New Member

    while I like everyone of those shows, I only know the theme from 2 of them
  14. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member Staff Member

    American Pickers is good, but Pawn Stars and Ice Road Truckers are even better!!!
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  15. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    I've watched all three. The aspect of these shows (and others) that I'm not so impressed with is the fact that it's soooo clear that everything is reheased. That's different than filming "live" and then editing the tape. Pawn Stars is the worst for this followed by American Pickers. At least on Ice Road Truckers you have to actually, at some point, drive the truck over the ice and take the implicit risk.
  16. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

  17. Steve Levicoff

    Steve Levicoff Well-Known Member

    So, of course, you necromanced a thread that has not had a post for almost eight years just to add a link that is totally off topic.

    Well, excuuuuuuuse me if I don't share the sadness. When five crabbers potentially die, my biggest concern is a shortage of crabs. And my only question is whether they were crabbing for hard-shell or soft-shell crabs.

    So let's bring this thread back on topic. If you sing, "Dead crabbers are the life for me" to the tune of the Green Acres theme, it fits. But the notion of dead crabbers probably would fit better in a rewrite of the theme from Gilligan's Island.

    I never read this thread before, and have to admit that I missed nothing. It's pure pablum. But just to weigh in for the halibut (as opposed to the crab), my fave would have to be the theme from The Dick Cavett Show, which, as any music geek should know, is "Glitter and Be Gay" from Leonard Bernstein's Candide. Here, by Kristin Chenoweth, is one of the best versions (the Cavett theme comes at 2:40 in):

  18. jamos

    jamos New Member

    The theme from "Unsolved Mysteries"

  19. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Since were looking at this....the them from The Courtship of Eddie's Father. Harry Nilsson, who re-tooled a song called "Girlfriend." Harry also did vocal stylings in the background throughout each episode, with words related to what was going on in the episode. Nice.

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