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    What I find funny is that you can't get them to tell you if anything satisfies a specific requirement but the one thing they come out and specifically say does satisfy a requirement in writing in their catalog is the one thing that doesn't.
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    So I talked with Excelsior today and evidently the AP English doesn't currently comply with ACE standards. For future people reading this, just keep in mind that AP classes won't always transfer if they don't meet ACE requirements. His AP Art transferred in fine. He took AP Calc AB but it was excess credit so don't know for sure on that.

    My son is enrolled in a dual credit english program however, it will only satisfy 3 of the 6 credit hours needed. We need to figure out what are going to do to satisfy that.
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    He could satisfy that requirement by taking an online course through a traditional university. There are several schools that offer relatively affordable online courses for college credit that don't require you to matriculate in a degree program. They are open to anyone who wants to take them. Here are some good options:

    Brigham Young University Independent Study

    Independent Study in Idaho

    University of Arkansas Self-Paced Online Courses
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    I'll check those out.
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    Back with another update!

    I enrolled my son in the info lit class which I think he completed today. I'm not sure how to tell if he is done although he completed all of the quizzes and the final exam.

    A few weeks back I did petition the dean of undergraduate studies to see if they would accept the AP English exam for the written english requirement but I hadn't heard anything back.

    I logged in to excelsior today and noticed there was an updated preliminary review of his credits posted today which showed they have accepted the AP English exam to satisfy the written english requirement.

    In the end they have said they will accept 98 of hits 106 credits which is exactly what I had plotted out.

    It was great news and I was excited to share it with everyone!
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    That's great news! How did you convince them to accept the AP English exam?
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    We wrote a letter to the dean asking if they’d accept it. Took about a month to hear back.
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    So I'm back with another update to this thread.

    My son graduated from high school this past spring. During his senior year, his other classmates were all obviously getting prepared to go the traditional route of college which put the pressure on my son to also go down this path as well. And after a stellar score of 1540 on his SAT, my son wanted to give applying to college a go, specifically at a few of the top schools to see if he would get accepted. The idea was to see if he could get a full ride to college as well. While he got accepted at all of the state schools he applied to, other colleges like Harvard were on his list. He did go through the interview process and got deferred at Harvard on the first go around and eventually at the main deadline didn't get accepted. He was a disappointed by that but he wasn't alone. Some very talented kids in his high school class of about a 1000 students all got denied at all the top schools including an Olympian who probably was the only student in his school who got a higher SAT score than my son did at 1550.

    The next step then was to see what the financial aid process would bring. i've always told my son that the financial aid process is just a coupon for tuition into an aid funnel to a loan application and that proved correct. His financial aid awards ranged from $15,000 at a state school to $35,000 at one of the private schools with as I correctly predicted loans to go along with it. Even after the $35,000, the private school would still be another $25,000 a year on top of it. I've been to the town where that school is and there is nothing there to do anyway.

    By then the virus closed high school for the remaining portion of his senior year. And of course, this has converted many of the colleges to online campuses where you still live on campus and pay your 12 month lease while sitting in a dorm for your classes. We did consider going to one college his friends were going to as a guest student to complete his remaining requirements to transfer in. However, he would have lived off campus away from his friends who would have been required to stay in the campus dorms their freshman year (guest students can't live on campus). A stupid rule that helped me understand that the colleges are not only in the education business but the housing business as well.

    Ultimately, with all the uncertainty surrounding college campus this year, he decided to continue the path he was previously on to complete his degree after taking about a year off to go through that entire process.

    At that point though, we had to reapply to Excelsior and get the credits re-evaluated again. In the meantime, they had also added the cornerstone course requirement. Excelsior counted 97 credits to his degree map which was essentially what they had approved before. We looked for a corporate partner to obtain a tuition discount and he joined the Georgia Peacekeepers Assn for about $20 to take advantage of their partnership.

    After that, he enrolled and become an official student at Excelsior and was now a college senior before he got his high school diploma. We decided that for the remaining degree requirements except for one, he would take all of the courses online at Excelsior instead of transferring in anymore credits from other sources.

    The first two Excelsior courses he registered for were the Cornerstone course and International Business. Those started at the end of June and he has just finished his first 8 week term getting an "A" in both classes.

    Here on out, his senior year is a very light load of classes with his advisor already approving all of the final classes he needs to complete his map.

    Fall 1:

    International HR
    DSST Astronomy

    Fall 2:

    Managing Diversity
    Business Leadership

    Spring 1:

    Principles of Finance

    Spring 2:

    Strategic Management Capstone

    I think commencement is July 9, 2021 and he should receive his Bachelor's degree in Human Resources Management.

    Anyway, I'm excited to share his continued progress with you and it looks like it is all downhill from here.
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    It's all downhill from here. I'm glad to hear that he has a very light load to complete the rest of his degree. Is he still considering law school or has his plans changed?
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    Thanks GLGAmerica. I've begun looking at similar options for my two children.

    Your generosity in detailing this journey is very much appreciated!!!
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    We aren't sure yet.

    It's funny because my best friend is an attorney. When I told him my son was thinking about law school, he said "I thought he was smart?"

    So we will see. Some work experience would probably be helpful at this point to see what he might like.
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