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Discussion in 'High School Education via Distance Learning' started by President, Aug 13, 2010.

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    You want a school that is RA.
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    I'm always suspicious when a company touts BBB membership as a indication of quality.

    Remember that president lives in Pakistan and based on his previous messages I believe his obtaining a good GED is a good start (aobtaing a bunch of GCEs might provide better recognition where he lives and in the UK).
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    They are recognized by the state of Florida, I found them on the state website with the correct info. Most schools are RA but not all. Some real school districts are just state approved. In truth how many colleges even check to see if a high school is accredited? The other thing is they do not have to be. You would probably be ok with this school. They are accredited by what appears to be a real agency. I’m not a 100% on the agency they have.
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    There are plenty of alternative delivery and distance-based high school programs that are regionally accredited. No reason whatsoever to go with a school with fake or off brand or second tier accreditors when you can find ones that offer the real thing.

    But there are reasons NOT to go with schools like this: Some colleges will not accept transcripts from unaccredited (or non-RA) schools. Some work situations may not accept an unaccredited high school degree.

    Go with a legitimate school. Then you'll never have to worry.
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    Thanks, everybody.

    I was interested in it because the exams can be taken online and it's a shorter course than the others I've seen. I just want a certificate universities will accept, not years of studying things I don't care about. I'll be looking elsewhere.
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    Interesting that Excel says of its BBB "accreditation" that the BBB is alert for diploma-mill scams (so if you see the BBB sign, that makes the school good, etc.)

    More than once, I've seen an out-and-out degree mill tout its BBB membership as (academic) "accreditation," something it decidedly isn't. A couple of Pacific-area "beauties" even passed off their !S0 9001 standing as "accreditation."

    That raises the question - what are the International Quality Standards for degree mills and who does the assessment? :)

    Excel also sports a USDLA logo. I've seen the USDLA sign on any number of gorky, dubious schools, some of the worst claiming it as accreditation. USDLA was never an accreditor. Its subsidiary DLAB was, but never CHEA-recognized as such. USDLA does offer membership and also "certification." One school that obtained this "certification" was Clayton College of Natural Health - but it did Clayton little good. This uh...college was recently closed. It was not able to obtain mainstream accreditation, as required by the State of Alabama for license renewal.

    One school you might want to look at is Penn Foster Career School | Self-Paced, Distance Education Programs . Their High School program is RA (their college degrees are NA) and their parent corp. has been doing DL since the 1890s. And no - I have no affiliation with the school. They pay me not! :)

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    I think you're going to have a hard time finding an accredited school that will allow you to take exams online. Difficult to proctor that way, unless you go to a Prometric or Sylvan testing center or something.

    California has a high school exam program that, if you pass, gets you an actual high school diploma rather than a GED... but if you're just using ot to go to school, why not just a GED?
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    One thing everyone needs to understand is not all school districts are accredited. Many are not, the district my wife went to growing up is only state recognized/approved, it still is unaccredited, she went to a good school for nursing. In a three county area surrounding my home there are four districts that are not accredited. It is better to have RA accreditation but Excel has state and that is all that is needed.
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    My high school is accredited but interestingly enough none of the schools (except Sylvan Learning Center) in Alaska are accredited, it doesn't make sense.
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    Crazy right, before I looked into it I thought most schools were, turns out most are not. One of the local school districts that is unaccredited has a advanced high school, it is ranked as one of the best by test scores and it is unaccredited. A lot of their students move onto Ivey’s and other top tier schools, every year the local paper runs an article about where their seniors are going.
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    I don't know if it matters. I never thought that a public ran school would have to be (of course in higher learning) but if employers don't care, colleges don't care, and the military doesn't care why does it matter?
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    Didn't we just recently have somebody posting saying their kid or somebody went to an online unaccredited school and got rejected from college because they would only accept an accredited high school diploma?

    (BTW, interesting info on local school systems. I just assumed, since every school I've ever run into is accredited by a regional, that any public school would be... but I guess I could see strapped school systems not having the resources to apply for and maintain accreditation or something.)
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    I could see this happening with a known online school with a popular name. But I don't see how this could possibly come up with a public high school.
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    Hello everyone. I'm a new user and found this thread by googling information about online high schools. The reason I'm looking into this is that my husband is looking to complete his high school diploma. Today, he's 40, but unfortunately while in the 12th grade, he decided to drop out. He has found himself decent paying jobs, but they are hard labor, blue collar jobs. Anyway...our schedule just does not allow him to be in a classroom, so I found Excel High School, mentioned in this thread.

    He will not be looking to further his education, only to apply for other jobs that require a high school education. Is it worth the paper it's printed on? I don't want to see him do this work and employers laugh at him. I've seen the RA schools and that's so far and above what we're looking for. We most certainly don't want a diploma mill of any kind and he's willing to do coursework but he's been out of school for over 20 years, so we're trying to keep it toned down a bit. Thanks so much. This looks like a nice forum with helpful people. Thank you!
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    High School Diploma Online accredited or not has worked for my bro..

    i think it is so sad so many focus on well this is not a real school or online degree is fake, just because it is not a boring brick and mortar school.who cares.soon more and more university even law school i see are online and soon more will be too. i will post very long here,a factual reference;

    due to i know personally of such accredited school online who got my brother out of the slum street "going no place life"now see what is his future/and current
    employment position below.

    all thanks to ONLINE high school diploma he yep bought online with few test as well.

    Penn Foster he look at first WAY too long and too costly but they are a real online h.s. diploma reputable school i know few who graduate there,paid over a G,but now are in a college,online and off,few friends on my facebook.doing well. so the P.F.are reputable.

    after that.my brother kept lookin around on net.finding his online degree high school dip
    testing center/questionaire/few extra courses etc.

    has change his life forever for the BETTER.


    he was told since flunkin'out of school a ex-italian sicilian/blk mixed knucklehead ;

    he will never succeed.

    left high school 95, he never gone back from 11th grade.he then applied online for
    a school to give him a diploma for a price. ok fine. he says what the hell i will try.

    he took a life experience questionaire.Got his diploma.i know after the fact he still had to give more feedback,course work over a period of a few months i think it was almost four to five months... he has earn his H.S.DIPLOMA ONLINE and YES.paid for it.

    as i do not see any problem with this when your out of school for a very long time

    and or can't get back to high school the,YES THE OLD FASHION WAY.

    things are changing,online work for him.he on facebook too,so am i.we are real,and he has a career that he did not even want until he REALIZE it really was for a high school drop out a possibility.

    he got his H.S. ONLINE DIPLOMA...

    Then moved onto immediate,a well known college online,well known to some,called

    South University.

    He has his degree.

    Proocure his Degree in the field of CRIMINAL JUSTICE.We all were like omg. in shock.

    Hence, we now support our entire family and friends ONLINE learning.

    Get your diploma.

    Many rarely check...If they do,ok so what. UP TO THE SCHOOL IF THEY ACCEPT IT.

    MOST DO.a

    small bunch do not,so what......

    find one that does as i see my brother did it.
    and he is a cop now almost two years this summer 2011.

    yes a COP.going on almost 2 years now.we are SO proud of him.

    in his 30s now.basically he really was smart just messed up,until realizing life too short to stay a knucklehead! lol we are proud of him,very much so,and he is a great cop at that for now almost two years.

    all thanks to i think the accredited,(At the time)diploma course on net,was continental

    as i know personally many are however,NOT at all accredited,as we are readin'here.
    so i say life is way too short to ponder etc. just DO IT,check em out,and some schools
    sure will say NO.
    so what.move onto the next 1 and trust me as my brother marco did your going to be accepted in one of them,do not matter if it do not take at a brick and mortar school

    up to four years! who needs that now a days when your way older been out of high school over age mid 20s to 40's,just get your diploma how your able to legally get it.

    Pay such fee if it call for it,and then check out even PRIOR,if such college "Accept'it.

    If your remembering your old courses,smart,some new stuff,etc.life basic knowledge general education level my brother marco,is a personal reference,if warranted.

    he went to online continental i think it was...

    and got it within few months or so.
    no biggie.

    Just reach me anytime off here,and good luck to all as;

    i am so happy that HE finally IS happy,with his online high school diploma,that open up so many doors for him,college,and now police officer doing well with his $ and family.

    for that he got within YES barely five months.

    My girlfriend,Alana just finish her 2nd year for her AA in such field for social work.

    :silly:Now she got her high school diploma at EXCEL the school there i know personally are yes privately accredited & MOST relevant,recognize by the actual FLA.School BD.Education so this is great...

    for those lookin to go online pay up and get your diploma.it is real naturally they are clearly recognize,but remember life too short to sit on net"becoming discourage"from

    Others,who are saying do not do it,easy for them to say when they are not the ones
    feeding you,nor paying your bills,my bro went for it,and is a police officer,so you can do it too....

    good luck.

    from geena romano
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    Excel High School IS Regionally Accredited by the North Central Association

    Excel High School IS Regionally Accredited by the North Central Association

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