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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by rdl1051, Nov 19, 2023.

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    In that case, okay, that does seem like an extreme way to compensate for any perceived shortcomings.
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    To be fair, technically, we're always assuming on this because the climate in this arena can change at any time. However, there have been successful evaluations from other evaluators besides ECE. Outcomes have ranged from equivalent to a U.S. RA Master's degree, to a U.S. non-accredited Master's degree, to an RA Bachelor's degree, to an RA Graduate Certificate, to an RA Graduate Diploma, to even just RA credits. Validating first sounds like a good idea, the problem is that most FCEs are not exactly very open when it comes to that, and with good reason. They would rather you pay for an evaluation to get your answer, and I can't blame them entirely, they are running a business after all.

    I don't see the prospect of saving a ton of money as nonsense at all. Take the guy on DegreeForum for instance. By transferring those 30 or so credits from ENEB to TESU via the evaluation, he saved about $15,000 give or take, and it cost him less than $300 from ENEB to do it.

    ECTS credits are inherently a tougher transfer because they're from a foreign education system. But with a successful foreign credential evaluation, most schools will take some if not all of them depending on course-matching.

    Most employers don't even know what NACES is, nor RA and NA for that matter.
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    I believe it. A friend of mine was admitted into masters program based on a sworn declaration that he has a bachelors degree.
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    I agree. The NACES certificate is mainly useful for jobs where the degree is necessary like licensed professions and academic professions. For regular everyday jobs, your experience and previous positions would have more weight. The main issue here is the work permit, for an american resident there is no problem but for the foreigner, the immigration official might prefer a NACES certificate but maybe not.
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    Was the declaration dated Dec. 25th and signed by ENEBezer Scrooge? :)
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    That's not really how German university goes. To get into the undergrad level is a bit ridiculous. American (or Canadian) students who have a HS diploma are often generally ineligible to start university studies in Germany unless transferring after at least 1 year of American/Canadian university.

    ENEB is a lot cheaper/easier than a year of university or gymnasium.
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    For a bachelors degree, I agree because the big 4 accept large amounts of credit transfer towards a degree but I believe the OP was referring to a master's degree. In the case of a graduate degree, 15 credits is normally the maximum.

    The OP already has a masters degree so perhaps just an equivalency certufucate for the 60 ECTS as 30 US credits would be enough. If the MBA is a must, I would try the top MBA from a UK school
    Great link. ECE gives the equivalent of a bachelors degree, this could be useful to transfer credits into the big 5 for a BS degree.
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    Well, it's tuition free. Confirmed by Germans on here, who quoted the law. I supposed there's the cost of not working for that time... and yeah that's considerable.

    I figure Mac's friend was just lucky. Not a "strategy" I'd want to rely on.
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    It seems to have, in the case of Mac's friend. I get the impression ENEB made him a shoo-in. (A one-off, I'd say.) The "hurry-up to class" was sarcasm, humor or a lame joke - whichever you like. Go ahead - I can take it. :)

    Again - I think this was mostly luck. And I congratulate this person on their luck, because I think der Deutsche Hammer is gonna come down on these degrees at some (probably near) point. I think it's amazing that any Spanish propio would get someone that far in Germany.

    I'd be surprised if six of them would even get me into a Munich beer hall!
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    Before I bore any more people to sleep, I want to get this out:

    I was maybe presuming too much that Germany works like UK. In UK, ENIC-NARIC or whatever it's called post-Brexit, has certain firm standards in regard to foreign degree recognition - e.g. they will not recognize or give an equibvalency any US NA degree, DEAC etc. But Universities are not bound by this rule. They can, and do make up their minds in individual cases. If they feel an applicant has a good chance of success, that person is admitted, despite the inadmissible credential.

    I failed to realize: Germany is more likely to put teeth in its standards - make them law. e.g. AACSB or the Autobahn, for US MBA degrees, and who can be called "Herr /Frau Doktor" and who can't. So yeah, my casual comments about the German ENEB grad on the "Willkommen" mat applying to Uni were probably way off. Likely, a couple of back-benchers in the Bundestag are drafting an Anti-ENEB bill as we speak. :)

    "Es sollte ein Gesetz geben!" (There oughta be a law!) :)
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    DAMN!! I need to correct myself. The story went as follows: In 2020, I wrote in a German forum about the ENEB MBA. There were a lot of [bad people] there who were just bitching around, but one young woman took it seriously and did the MBA. She did not have an Abitur nor a Bachelor's degree but used the ENEB thing to enter into the MASTER program of her dreams. So, yeah, for her, it was still a success story. Thus, for this story here: ENEB MBA + Interview with the Dean = Admittance to Master Degree.

    Well... sorry, I remembered the whole thing wrong.

    Best regards,
    Mac Juli
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    I don't think it's fair to judge the validity of the degrees based on the majority of us "hacking" the degree, and finishing within months, by only focusing on the final projects. Each course presents a LOT of information. A lot. Did I mention a lot? It really is a full curriculum and it's not ENEB's fault that most of us said "Ain't nobody got time for that!" LOL. I think those of us who did this are experienced learners who know that the things they really want us to know are what's in the final projects. If we come across something that wasn't in one of our projects we can look it up.

    As I've stated before, ENEB's restrictions weren't an issue for me. I never plan on working for the Spanish government or pursuing a PhD from a Spanish university. I just wanted to finally finish a grad degree after the many starts and stops, over the years, caused by my illness. It broke my spirit every time a friend or family member said they thought I had a master's degree and I had to tell them I didn't. We'd both be disappointed.
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    I came across a SOBAT success story too, very similar to the one from Mac Juli for ENEB... I don't recall where I read it, but the lady finished the Bachelors entirely through exams and followed the steps to get it 'authenticated' and applied to a Masters program and got in as well. Some/Most masters programs have a conditional acceptance option where they'll accept you, but you need to show you can get the first three/four or whatever courses done with a good enough grade to proceed further into their programs. The main thing is to get admitted with most if not all of the 'other' requirements fulfilled such as obtaining certs/experience in the field of study...
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    (1) You're perfectly right. And the validity isn't in question, at least to me. . It's validated by the Spanish Government. It also comes with restrictions and outside Spain, acceptance varies. Wildly, sometimes. That's very cautionary.

    (2) And I also said "People should buy these ENEB degrees as what they are - very cheap and with known and stated acceptability restrictions. That's FINE, as long as they meet the person's needs."

    Obviously, INTJ, your degree met your needs, as you expnained them in your post. . For you - good choice. :)

    My main concern - for those depending on evaluation outside Spain, it's a crapshoot. The few success stories I've heard re US acceptance are one-offs. One person got so many credits transferred to TESU. One person got an RA Master's validation -- or one Evaluator is giving such-and-such equivalencies right now. To me, that reads "Cuidado." - Proceed with caution. Lots of it.

    I'm yelling at the people who throw caution to the winds - and build castles in the air with bricks they ain't got. Not INTJ.
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  16. Johann

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    Hmmm. Okay, maybe my "welcome mat" story wasn't so far-fetched after all, at least in one case. Looks like Mac's story-lady did even better. The Dean must really have been impressed. She got into into a Master's program - bypassed both the HS Abitur and Bachelor degree entirely. In Germany, no less! Wunderbar! Ausgezeichnet! :)

    @Mac Juli Kudos to your lady in the story - and you. And props to the Dean, as well! :)
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    I have not followed the ENEB stories too closely but I do recall at one point that there was a “Groupon” for the degrees. It’s like the hotels dot com of education.
  18. LearningAddict

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    I didn't know the OP had a Master's, I didn't pick that up from the original post. If that is the case, then the OP has a desire to just continue his/her education and this is a pretty inexpensive way to do it. I'm just not sure how long it will remain a good idea given some of the changes in approach the school has been making this year. Seems like they're pretty intent on sabotaging themselves as of late and they're not listening to anyone advising them not to do it.
  19. Mac Juli

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    You can find pretty cool stuff there! Did an online sport course, bought from Groupon ("C-Trainer, DQR Level 2"), and it was great. Measurable success, I did some progress on the sports ground!
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    Such stories are anecdotal. NOT the NORM.


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