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    Hey Guys,

    I hiave a question regarding online teaching. I want to get a Doctorate in Messianic Jewish Studies Online from Messianic Bible Institute.

    link removed by moderator

    It is an accredited school, but I dont think it is a very high accreditation. The program can be completed in 2 years time if done full-time. My whole life I worked hard in school so that I can have a good career and pay. I have a B.A. in Psychology from a traditional campus state school which I got in 2006.
    Then I got a MBA in Marketing in 2009 from American Intercontinental University Online. Since I got my MBA, I married a pretty well off man because I fell in love with him. I also had an inheritance that I got from a family member who passed away (very unexpected). I dont have any kids, and I dont know if I am going to have any. I am only 28. I was able to pay off my student loans which were like $80,000 in total. point is that I find myself in a very unusual situation that I never thought I would be in. Since I dont have to work and am not a mom, I am really bored throughout the day. I am not used to my new found freedom as I never planned this. I always worked hard and now I dont have to. I thought I would be happy, but actually I dont feel fulfilled.

    I want to get a Doctorate in Messianic Jewish Studies to fill my time and for personal reasons. I also feel like my brain cells are dying from not doing much. I want to teach online with my PhD in Messianic Jewish Studies but I do not know of many online schools that offer that program. Of course I can teach at the school where I get the PhD in, but that is really the only one I know of. Does anyone know of any other ones? I am not really interested in teaching Business or Psychology at this time. Any advice or suggestions? I would even do it for free if I knew where to look. I really only want to teach online and not on campus.

    Thanks guys for reading this thing and for your responses.
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  2. airtorn

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    It is not an accredited school. Do not expect to use the piece of paper you receive for teaching purposes.
  3. jackrussell

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    It is not recognized

    You may want to wait for it to be recognized and be accredited by one of the six regional accrediting bodies or DETC.
  4. simon

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    Very interesting. A Messianic Jewish studies degree program with not one Jewish person on their faculty!

    IMO you should review the accrediting granting authority of Transworld Accrediting Commission International prior to taking the plunge into this degree program.
  5. Caulyne Barron

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    Slightly different path, but Northeastern University offers a joint Doctor of Education in Jewish Studies/Education.
  6. threedogs

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    Dual Major in Jewish Studies and Religion

    I didn't even know they had this program, and I live close by. Thanks for the link.

    I do not want to get into any sort of political conversation, but I just have one thing to suggest to JMS28: I urge you to at least find a course or two about the Holocaust, taught by experts in the field, and the history that led up to it (if you haven't already). I'm always concerned when well-meaning Christians try to relate to those who are Jewish, without understanding the historical significance of conversion (forced conversions, pograms, the very first ghettos, etc.). I was woefully ignorant before my studies, I now realize.

    I'm try to be sensitive to this now, and at one time considered this degree:

    Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies | Clark University

    My problem is that it's not online, and I don't know if I'd want to relocate to Worcester.

    At any rate, good luck with your studies. I wish you the best.
  7. Kizmet

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    I haven't looked at the website because the link was removed so I'm curious about how you know the religious affiliations of the faculty. Are the faculty religious affiliations listed on the website?
  8. mattchand

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    For the original poster on this thread, I would suggest that the moderator was perhaps correct in removing the original link to a program which has spurious accreditation.

    There are other accredited programs of Messianic Jewish study, mostly in conjunction with established seminaries. The Charles L. Feinberg Center offers an accredited MDiv program in conjunction with Talbot Seminary at Biola in Orange County, CA. The Pasche Instittue of Jewish Studies at Criswell College in Dallas has an MA in Jewish Studies. Denver Seminary also has an accredited MDiv with a concentration in Messianic Judaism.The TRACS-accredited King's University in LA has bachelor's, MA/MDiv and DMin programs in Messianic Jewish related studies. Finally, there is the Messianic Jewish Theological Institute, which has connections with the accredited Fuller School of Intercultural Studies.

    I think each of these offer at least some courses by distance, though some are mainly residential or by seminar/module. I'm not sure if these would yield a teaching qualification (e.g., a PhD), since the highest degrees I see in these are the DMin. Many of those teaching in these programs hold PhDs fromm either theological schools such as Fuller or from religious studies/Jewish studies programs such as those mentioned above.


  9. simon

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    No, and I may be incorrect but if faculty with such surnames as McDonald, Perez, Doherty, Eldridge, White, Wright, kasper (etc) are Jewish, then my name must indicate that I am a Shintoist!
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  10. Kizmet

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    What is your name?
  11. mattchand

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    Just as a clarification, by "those mentioned above," I was referring to previous posts in this thread, which had mentioned schools such as Clark and Northeastern. E.g., I have seen PhD's in the (mostly Jewish) faculty in these study programs from Cambridge, U Mich, U of S. Florida, Fuller, UNISA, etc.)
  12. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    You see your name may or may not indicate the tradition in which you were raised. And then, you might be raised in a certain tradition and yet you might adopt an alternative tradition later.

    And so, if your father's name is Lopez and your mothers name is Smith, what is your religion? If your father's name is Singh and your mother's name is Nguyen then what is your religion? The combinations are virtually endless.

    Race and ethnicity are not elected. Religion is elected. It is a choice. You can be named Sullivan and be Jewish. You can be named Smith and be Buddhist. Etc.

    But there's another level to this issue. Even if I'm Catholic I can be a Buddhist scholar and teach at the university level. Robert Thurman is a prominent Buddhist scholar, regardless of his baptism. There are many people who teach religion at the university level who teach across their own personal beliefs. Is this not common sense?

    I don't need to be a strict adherent to behaviorism in order to teach a course on BF Skinner.
  13. b4cz28

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    It might not be PC, but you're right. You would expect to see a few Jewish names on the list.

    Be ready for people to to start in on
  14. simon

    simon New Member

    Exactly my point. Although in the Jewish faith the child takes on the religion of his/her mother, not the father, and it is therefore possible for the child to be Jewish with a christian/gentile surname, it is my hunch that the vast majority of faculty on this website, if not all, with the names listed are not in that category and are probably not Jewish.
  15. Psyche

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    Regardless of the faculty and their names, go back to the more important question, what will this degree be worth? As others have stated, I can't look at the school because the link is missing. However, some governmental recognition and/or evidence that the degree can help with employment would be very useful. Accreditation may or may not mean anything, especially for a religious school. That's for you to decide.
  16. Ian Anderson

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    You don't need a link. It can be found in 10 seconds using the information in post #1.
  17. Kizmet

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    Actually, I know people named White and Kasper who are Jewish.
  18. LKB

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    Incorrect information presented.

    The information this individual presented is incorrect. Our current faculty include Dr. Jeffrey Seif, Dr. Daniel Juster, Rabbi Jamie Cowen, Rabbi Marty Waldman, Rabbi Jeffrey Miller, Geoffrey Cohen, Rabbi Jonathan Bernis, and Dr. Raymond Gannon.

    Of these, all are Jewish with the exception of Dr. Gannon, who has been involved in the Jewish community and Jewish ministry for over 40 years, and is well known for his heart devoted to the Jewish people.

  19. LKB

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    Consider investigating the Doctor of Ministry program in Messianic Leadership now available at This is the only accredited Messianic Doctoral program currently available to my knowledge.
  20. Kizmet

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