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    Hello, all!

    Is anyone here familiar with an online PhD program in Higher Education Leadership or Administration? I'm trying to look around. Walden has a degree in "Leadership, Policy & Change" that looks very attractive and applicable, but even with my 15% alumni discount, it's ridiculously expensive. Phoenix has a program as well, and with my faculty discount, it's not that outrageous, but I'm trying to look beyond these two.

    I looked through the sticky thread, and much of that is either outdated or specific to K-12 education. I'm teaching in a community college, so I've looked at a few "Community College Leadership" programs, but I feel such a program could limit me in the long run. Unless those here with experience in such programs can share otherwise.

    If you can suggest programs to look at, I'd appreciate it.

    Matt Brent
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    I'm not trying to be rude here, but perhaps you could do some searching on your own and post a question or two about what you find, rather than ask people to search for you. That said, some posters might know of some programs that meet your needs. I'll wait for that.
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    Hahaha... I'm not taking that as being rude. I have searched. What I was looking for was opinions from those who are enrolled in such programs or who have completed such programs. If someone is actually familiar with a program, that would tell me a lot more than simply reading information on a website.

    ODU has a PhD in Community College Leadership. That'd fit rather well, as it's a Virginia institution and my college reimburses at ODU's tuition rate. Unfortunately, that program assumes that applicants are already in leadership positions, which I am not, and as I mentioned in my initial post, it's limited to community college rather than higher ed in general.

    I don't mind residencies, so long as they're not so many I'd have to constantly take off time from work. That would certainly be frowned upon. Cost is definitely a factor, but given my age, I'd have plenty of time to recoup the funds spent through an increased salary resulting from the degree. I don't mind an online only school (Heck, I have an MSEd from Walden) but if there are any B&M institutions with a program, I'd definitely give them a good look. I know there's not really a difference between and EdD and PhD, but given that the vast majority of individuals at my college seem to have PhDs, I'd rather go that route to fit in, so to speak. Although if it were a really reasonable EdD program, I wouldn't turn it down solely because of that. Even if I never got an administrative position, having a doctorate, either EdD or PhD, would qualify me for promotion, so it'd work out either way.

    So, with all that being said, if anyone has any experience with such a program, I'd love to hear about it.

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    Hi Matt,

    Old Dominion University has a PhD in Community College Leadership that can be done online. Since you're a Virginian, total tuition and fees would be in the neighborhood of $24,000. I've looked at a lot of similar programs, and if I were in your situation this is definitely the one I would consider the most strongly.

    EDIT: You posted the above while I was writing this. I'd still talk to them about it, I have the feeling the leadership position thing isn't a deal breaker for someone like you.
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    I've definitely looked at the program. My Dean is currently in the dissertation stage of the program. What's turning me away from it is the fact that they want applicants to already be in administrative positions. It's also tied to the traditional semester schedule as well. I'm taking two 16 week courses at the moment, and they're just dragging on, though it could just be the topic. ODU also requires the GRE. That's not a problem. I blew it out of the water the last time I took it... TEN years ago. Too bad the damn things expire! :shock: I'm definitely considering the ODU program, but I'd like to know what else is out there.

    To be honest, I'm trying to hopefully position myself for some positions that will be opening up due to retirements in the next 2 years or so.

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    American College of Education is offering a $10,000 scholarship to students who enroll in the Ed.D in Leadership program through June 2014. This makes the cost of the program around $21,000. "e-Books" are included and they offer two concentrations; Educational and Community Organizations and Online Education.

    Ed.D Grant - American College of Education

    Seems like a fairly good deal....
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    It is, although they don't do federal financial aid, so you'd better have a solid line somehow on that twenty-one grand.
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    Northcentral offers a Ph.D. in Education with a specialization in Leadership in Higher Education. I have not really looked at their tuition lately or made comparisons but I can tell you that I was eligible for a 1/3 off discount with Walden at the time I enrolled with NCU at the end of 2004. NCU was far less than any other comparable option at that time, including Walden with the discount. I was able to get 10%off my tuition and lock in the tuition rate for the duration of my program, by prepaying the tuition. I don't know if they offer such things at this time. My NCU Degree is Ph.D. in Education: Technology Management (they don't offer one called that any more). I know NCU does not get a lot of praise here, but all things considered, I would choose the same school again and my experience overall was positive.
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    Capella offers many doctorates in education. My former supervisor holds a PhD in Education from Capella, and she raved about the program.

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    Just thought I'd share that I spent an hour on the phone today with a rep from Phoenix and one from Walden. I'd have to admit, I'm a big Walden fan as an alumnus, but the rep just didn't seem that knowledgeable or enthusiastic about the program. He was very hesitant to answer questions, and what I got out of him kind of turned me away from the program. The Phoenix rep, however, was extremely cordial. He shared plenty of information, talking about his own experience as an EdD student. He even emailed me part of his dissertation so that I could see how they work on it in stages throughout the program. I was rather impressed, and as of right now, I'm leaning towards UoP. I was excited to learn, by the way, that the PhD program does not require learning teams. (Whoohoo! I HATED those in the few masters courses I took through them.) The program is 65 credits at $810 per credit, and with my UoP faculty discount, it would be about $35,000 not counting the residencies. I don't think that's too bad. If I factor in my tuition reimbursement plan, it'd be about $24,000.

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    The PhD requires 1+ yrs of on-campus residency. "Ph.D. students have an extended on campus residency which typically requires one to two years of work on campus." PhD Degree | Adult and Postsecondary Education | Professional Studies | College of Education | University of Wyoming

    However, the EdD might be a good option, as it only requires two short residencies/yr. "Ed.D. students have a residency requirement that consists of two annual meetings (one to two days in length) on the Laramie campus during the spring semesters." EdD Degree | Adult and Postsecondary Education | Professional Studies | College of Education | University of Wyoming
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    I personally would go w/ ODU. It's cheap.
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    This used to be a great deal, back when out of state students paid the cheap rates for non-campus courses. Unfortunately, however, that practice is coming to an end at the University of Wyoming. So those considering the school may want to take that into account.
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