DOCtoral or docTORal?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Steve Levicoff, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. Steve Levicoff

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    I generally play hourly NPR news every few hours to prevent the need to get my news from DI, and recently their news has ben sponsored by Walden University, advertising their "docTORal" programs - emphasis on the second syllable of doctoral.

    But being from Philadelphia, I've always pronounced it "DOCtoral" - emphasis on the first syllable. I know we have some quirks, finding some things preRERable rather than PREFerable. And putting "gaz" in our cars rather than "gass." (At least we pronounce our town of Worcester as "WAR-chess-ter" instead of "Wiss-tuh," as they do in Massachusetts.)

    But I never thought about the pronunciation of doctoral until I heard Walden's ads on NPR.

    So what is everyone's take on this - should it be DOCtoral or docTORal? Which one do you find preFERable? Um, or PREFerable? :D
  2. Tireman 44444

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  3. chrisjm18

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    Nope. It's PhinisheD or FinishEdD :)
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  5. John Bear

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    I've wondered about those NPR commercials, too. FWIW, back in the early 70s, when I used to talk (by phone) with founders Bernie and Rita Turner about their hopes and dreams, they certainly pronounced it DOC-toral. I find docTORal odd. Does that mean that the degree earned is a doc-TOR-ate?
  6. nosborne48

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    Well, I used to "DOCtor" my coffee with a little Wild Turkey. Does that help?;)
  7. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    One of each? No, that would be silly.
  8. Kizmet

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