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    Thanks - appreciate the info.

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    Through that list, I pulled up information on the Global Open University, Nagaland (found here). Anyone familiar with them? The course offering seems to be quite extensive, but all of the testing centres are in India. I've sent an e-mail off to see about alternate testing sites. If I hear anything back, I'll let you guys know!
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    It looks as if they may not be prepared to deal with students outside of India. Fees listed in rupees, no separate schedule for foreigners that I could find - and as Messdiener said, no exam centres outside India listed.

    I'd love to be wrong. Fees for a bachelor's degree are the equivalent of $309 COMPLETE! Say - let me know if I AM wrong! :smile: This appears to be a properly-authorized school - UGC and all that...

    When I first heard of Nagaland, maybe 35-40 years ago, it was in conjunction with the never-ending, elaborate issues of (what were supposed to be) postage stamps from there. Bright and pretty, but not worth anything much. Turns out the whole thing was pretty much a hoax, and probably nobody from Nagaland itself had much to do with the issues.

    Story is here: Clive Feigenbaum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    An article on "unrecognized" private universities in India

    Concern over unrecognized private distance education institutions - Economic Times

    In a related article:

    "All courses will be offered only through govt varsities. The Distance Education Council (DEC) of the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) will henceforward operate under the University Grants Commission (UGC) according to new guidelines for the promotion and coordination of its programmes."

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    Yes. Exactly as you say.

    (1) The change from DEC and the incipient formation of the new DEB was originally announced last year - June 27, 2013. We had some comments on it here in the forum back then.

    (2) I believe the unrecognized DL schools mentioned are schools offering unauthorized DL teacher-education in Arunchal Pradesh.

    I think you are pretty safe, as long as the school you want has its UGC/AICTE ducks in a row. I don't think UGC-recognized schools would offer - or be allowed to offer - any distance programs that either UGC - or its newly-configured DEB had not approved.

    The bigger obstacle is finding a distance school that is geared to working world-wide. Relatively few have provisions for exams, etc. outside South Asia - and we have listed those that are known to do business with students in other countries.

    This is an opinion only, and I'd certainly welcome informed comment on it. :smile:

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    No, Indian Universities didn't ventured into proctoring their exams through Consulate / Embassies.

    Mostly they are tied with some Agencies / Institutions or Universities. Noticed that Amity & Don Bosco are tied up with U18 and KSOU is no more partnered with U18. The biggest is IGNOU and all their exams are proctored.
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    Amity University administers its exams online for distance eduction students. I have communicated with them quite a bit and even started the admissions process.
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    This list is fine but there continues to be an unaddressed issue. The problem has never been finding a list of schools. A list of all the Indian universities (and a big dose of patience) will ultimately yield of list of recognized schools that offer DL courses/degrees. Sometimes there are communication issues but even those are typically settled with some intelligent persistence. The perpetual problem has been finding a list of Indian schools that will actually allow a non-Indian resident or a non-Indian citizen (that's most of us) to register for these programs. There is little value in having a list of universities if there is no chance of enrolling in any of them. I keep hoping that IGNOU will become more like UNISA in that regard but our best information to date is that it is simply not available to anyone other than someone who is either from India or living in India. This makes it a bit like the Open University (UK).:irked:
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    No, it doesn't sound like an infomercial. But for me personally it's a non-starter because their focus is almost exclusively business programs.
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    Kizmet - I beg to differ. They have programs in IT, Journalism, Tourism, Commerce, Economics etc.
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    Yes, and somehow they also offer some programs in French. Personally I would put Tourism, Commerce and Economics in the business category so I would say that the vast majority of programs are in the general category of business. But thanks for the clarification.
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    I browsed through and found that

    1) Foreign Degree holder's need to get evaluation done by Assoc. of Indian Universities(Your Page Title)
    2) Amity does all foreign degree(after evaluation)

    QUOTE (Extracted from Amity.edu website)

    For Students with Foreign Education

    · Secondary School Certificate (Completing 10 years of formal schooling. Diploma will not be acceptable)
    · Senior Secondary School Certificate with Mathematics (Completing 12 years of formal schooling. Diploma will not be acceptable)
    · Any Graduation Degree with Mathematics (Preferable - Any Management / Science / Commerce Graduate with Mathematics) (3 years or 4 years degree program. Diploma will not be acceptable)
    · Certificate of Equivalence from Association of Indian Universities (required by any student with foreign education to apply in any University in INDIA, refer to Your Page Title

    Applicant Must Possess Sufficient Knowledge and understanding of ENGLISH LANGUAGE & COMMUNICATION.
    Candidates whose first Language is not English must have done at least past three (3) Years of Academic Qualification Under English Medium or Must Provide TOEFL SCORES


    So, I presume at this point of time only Amity is accepting fully online. Any one can guide me, if there are any other Universities which are full online(with no presence for writing exams in INDIA).

    Shanker Karra
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    About the certificate of equivalence, I went to the web site for Association of Indian Universities, and it appears they do not consider fast-track programs, or completely online programs, equivalent to a full-time Indian bachelor degree for the purpose of entering an MBA or other post-graduate program. They only consider full-time, on-campus programs of at least three years to be fully equivalent. That could be a barrier to someone with a BA or BS from one of the Big 3 schools looking to get an Indian MBA from Amity.
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    I did noticed a representative of Madurai Kamaraj University in US( https://mkudde.org/usa.php). Coming to the cost wise it is 7K USD for 2 Years MBA. it is too high.
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    I contacted the US rep at International Tamil University (the link provided in the above post) about a month ago and have yet to receive any answer. I used the contact function on the site as well as the provided email. I believe that MKU is a real and legitimate entity but there clearly are bugs in their system. I might redouble my efforts just to see what happens but it's hard to move forward without reasonable communication.
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