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    It looks like Karnataka is poised to become the next big distance learning provider in India. It also looks like they're interested in pulling up the ladder on all the other universities, or at least as many as possible. The perennial question is "Will they accept admissions from outside of India?" While there are clearly lots of Indian people seeking a quality education, enough to fill the school many times over, if they let in a bunch on non-Indians (paying cash upfront, of course) it could constitute a revenue stream that would allow themselves to grow substantially. I would call it the UNISA model. We'll see.



    Oh, and can someone please do something about the KSOU website? And hide that Vice Chancellor somewhere, Yikes!
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    Karnataka was well into Distance ed. (including overseas) 12-13 years ago before the big Indian crackdown on DL that now seems to have become a thing of the past. A couple of Indian universities had US-based sites open for business then. I think - not sure - Karnataka may have been one of them.

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