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    Oops! How could I have forgotten Tennessee's Regents Online Degree Program? I had come across them when doing From the Great State of Tennessee for the MEd Sticky.
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    I'm sorry but I can't locate the thread that led me to register on this site. It was about Mid-Atlantic School of Law. The first post was positive stating that one could get a JD for $1500. The rest of the posts were pretty negative indicating that the school was a fraud or the guy who runs it was a fraud or thief. I've checked out a lot of on-line programs, particularly JD programs. Found some very expensive, which automatically makes one think it must be legitimate. Checked out NOVUS School of Law. Saw some positive comments and then some bad ones, same thin, it's a fraud and stuff like that. If you look long enough when searching an on-line program to see if it is accredited or to attempt to find if the program is legit, you would be looking all day and you will always get varying opinions. 15 years ago, if you told someone you had an on-line degree, they would have "dismissed" you saying, Oh you really didn't go to college. Now, on-line schooling is the wave of the future...less expensive, work at your own pace, bal bla bla. Here's the way I look at it. After looking into several on-line JD programs I DID settle on Mid Atlantic School of Law. Yes, because it's inexpensive and bottom line, my goal is not to sit for any bar. My goal is to study and learn the law for my own personal gratification. The curriculum at Mid-Atlantic fills the bill and covers all of the courses you would take at an expensive university. When I'm done, I'll still be able to feed my family and I will have an excellent understanding of the law. So far, I'm enjoying the program. NOVUS is $5500 and they want the money up front. Kaplan will cost you about $20,000, maybe more. Most of the JD programs require that, if you want to sit for the bar, you must take four classes or so "on campus". There isn't much difference in any of them except the cost. That is, unless you take on-line "courses" from an accredited university say like, Univ. of Michigan (if they even have an on-line program. There are still some folks out there that look down on on-line school "goers". Like I said, for what I want, I'm very satisfied with Mid Atlantic. Just food for thought.
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    You can search several distance Learning school and universities over here -
    DistanceLeaningU.com . It is a complete source that provide complete information on Distance Learning and about such schools.:p
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    UK, Ireland distance ed

    Does anyone know of a search engine for DL that is specific to the UK and/or Ireland?

    Does anyone have any idea what the financial position of an EU citizen using
    an EU DL program might be? I mean, is it cheaper for EU citizens to use DL
    from an EU university than it would be for, say, an American citizen?

    Thanks for any input.
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    very clever

    Clever than I would have thought Georgians capable.
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    Online european courses and programs

    I recently found this search engine for online courses and programs in Europe (8 languages available).
    The results appear incomplete, but it might grow into something interesting.
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    ahan ibn ul kalab!
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    Please delete above post

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    What was your opinion of the Mid Atlantic School of Law? At $100 per course it might be useful for paralegal training, or to prepare for an accredited law school, if they are serious about teaching.

    I noticed it is payment after course completion. $100 seem like a low risk to me, especially since it is paid after the course.
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    Hello all and pls...

    Hello everyone. its nice to be part of this community. this is my first post and i hope i did it right.

    I want to do a masters program online, does any one a very good and wel known reputable university i can do this program with?

    I am worried of just joing any one i see thier advert online and may be after graduating,employers will say my awarded certificate is not recognised .

    Any help Pleassssssss?:confused:

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    Hi QL - There are many, many good Masters degree programs available through distance learning. We would need to know more about the subject area of your academic interest before we could begin to make a list of programs for you.
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    How do I file a complaint against Corllins University?

    Like many things that we do in life we regret later. Well this is one of the biggest regret for being such a fool and falling for this "FAKE" School. I feel like something needs to be done about this school. Where is the justice here? We put people in prison for stealing a pencil, yet this School is stealing from us the consumer and nobody is doing anything about it. How do I shut this school down? They are part of Get Life Experience Degrees & Diplomas. They claim that you can earn an AA degree, Bachelor degree, Master degree just based on your work experience. Well that sounded really good and I received a Bachelor Degree in Accounting due to my 16 years of on the job experience. Now I come to find out that this is a fraudulent company and they have a middle person who takes your money for some fake degrees that are worthless. When I contacted the Get Life Experience and asked for a refund on my fake degree, they said “NO”. So I asked them how you can sell something that is illegal. I found out that if you are using a Diploma Mill and try to get a job, charges can be filled against you for using a “FAKE” Degree. How can you claim to be accredited when you are not? They claim to be accredited. But the U.S. Department of Education has never heard of them. So where do I go from here? Any advice you can give me would be highly appreciated. Thank you so much for reading my post and hopefully it will save someone for not making the same mistake that I did.
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    Hmmm. If they are operating illegally then you can file a police report but sometimes you'll run into jurisdictional problems. Any action that might actually result in something substantial will probably involve hiring a lawyer and that might cost more than you've lost. There's another distance learning site frequented by George Gollin. I'll give you a link and suggest you read some of his stuff and maybe contact him. Good luck.

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    Great WebSite for Distance Learning and Online Colleges, Courses, Programs, and more.

    Go to www.betterthanschool.com in a few weeks. A new website that is about to launch. This site can help users choose an online college, campus college, select specific programs, collect information on schools, and allows users to watch video's on specific schools and programs!!
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    I just tried it and it's not working yet. It seems to be concentrating on programs that might be considered "vocational" in nature. My concern with these type sites is that there are some mills sprinkled through the listings. If that's the case then this link will disappear.

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