DeVry Suspended

Discussion in 'Military-related education topics' started by Kizmet, Mar 14, 2016.

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    Remember this happened to UoP in Octoberish? They were reinstated...but I won't hold my breath.
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    Claims about post-graduation employment are almost always dubious. According to the article, DeVry is accused of counting people not working in their fields. Well, a lot of people don't work in their fields of study, but getting a degree can still be a good idea. On the other hand, claiming that 90% of your graduates have jobs within 6 months is no big deal when the vast majority (probably close to that 90% figure) are working while going to school.

    I'd rather see either (a) graduate satisfaction survey results (3rd party, please; no more Trumped-up University claims of satisfaction) or (b) increases in incomes post-graduation.

    BTW, the article doesn't say DeVry's eligibility to participate in the GI Bill was pulled, just that a notice was placed in its entry in that tool veterans can use to find schools, and DeVry was pulled from that tool. Not great, but minor compared to their other marketing conduits, I'm sure.
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    a while back ~5 years or so, I toyed with the idea of opening a recreational culinary school for adults. As part of my research, I visited several independent culinary programs and 1 program particular gave me a LOT of valuable information - not of the kind that I'd actually use, but still. He encouraged me to open up a certificate option (which was like offering me candy) and even investigate relationships with lenders (it's not enough to get students, he said, you need paying students) further still, he walked me through some of the ways you "get around" outcome data. Of course culinary is a little different, but even working as a "personal chef" (industry jargon for "unemployed") would count, and he told me how he frequently prompted these kinds of answers from his students. There were a dozen ways to make your students look employed. Now, this guy....let's just say wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. He was a 1-man show using run down motel kitchens and charging a ton of money while hanging on to none of it. His mom was the admissions department, just saying. So, my point- if one guy from the boondocks can beat the system (he's more than a decade up and running- still is, I just checked) you don't think an army of savvy edu-dudes can spit polish some employment reports? I know they are obviously under scrutiny because the entire for-profit industry is under scrutiny, but seriously, start turning over rocks at AnyU or MyCC and you'll probably find equal exaggeration.
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    The ironic thing is, the letter carrier probably makes more than someone holding a position in technical management.

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