DETC Revokes IMPAC University Accreditation

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Randy Miller, Mar 10, 2008.

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    Wow...I've never seen the DETC withdraw accreditation from an institution before. I have seen institutions allow their DETC accreditation to expire (as in the case of UNISA), but not have it taken away from them.

    As of this writing, IMPAC University's web site still features the DETC logo.
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    Accreditation was revoked due to "contracting with foreign institutions", so perhaps there were some nefarious partnerships in the works with less-than-wonderful schools.

    I had never really heard of IMPAC before, but their website is a disaster. Only 19 faculty are listed, and the bio of the "chairman" Dr. James Irwin does not reveal the source of his Ph.D.

    Another faculty member I pulled at random and researched is "Dr. Robert Koester" which is a sufficiently obscure last name. A little digging revealed that a Robert Koester who teaches Architecture at Ball State University lists his highest degree as a Master of Architecture, is a member of the AIA and is a LEED certified professional;

    We then have a "Dr. Robert Koester AIA LEED" who claims to be a faculty member at Ball State University giving a speech at some sort of societal think tank;

    So the obvious question is; why is Robert Koester a doctor with IMPAC and when speaking to an outside audience, but is not when listing his credentials for Ball State's website?

    I also noticed that DETC yanking their accreditation was not mentioned on the "What's Going On @ IU" section of the website. :D


    DETC Revocation

    Aliza University also lost its DETC accreditation in 2002 therefore IMPAC was not the FIRST.
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    The University of Action Learning, aka Revans University, also had its DETC accreditation revoked.
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    Actually, all three co-operating schools, Revans, CSM, and IMC ended on the same day. And, IIRC, they resigned their accreditation; they didn't have it revoked. (Might have been the same, though; no one could ever figure out a reason for these schools to resign their accreditation voluntarily.)
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    Actually (and on a relatively minor note), it was Azaliah which lost its DETC accreditation in 2002.

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    I hope this action by DETC did not contribute to the demise of the the school's founder/owner (he committed suicide in 2009). Strange stuff...
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