DBA vs International PhD???

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by CT2389, Jan 18, 2020.

  1. RFValve

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    Few people below teaching full time with this degree, one at BU that is a top school:

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  2. Rich Douglas

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    Actually, I would be. I'm currently designing my "third act" for when I leave my current employer. It is part of my marketing strategy, BTW. So your post is encouraging!
  3. Rich Douglas

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    I'm not sure what this means, but here's what I think it is:

    I have a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies where I concentrated in Higher Education and specialized in Nontraditional Higher Education. That's from Union.
    I have a Doctor of Social Science where I studied Human Resource Development. That's from Leicester.
    My career has been in human resource development, not HR. My only real connection to HR is that I hold the SPHR.
    I'm also a certified coach (PCC) and hold the CPLP from ATD.
  4. RFValve

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    Sorry, My bad. I meant to say that I would agree with you and Dr. Levicoff about a non traditional doctorate being not the best option for a full time tenure position but in some areas like finance where there is a shortage, I think the degree from SHU might lead to some full time opportunities at some small universities. I know finance professionals making $300K + a year so I would think that the $50K that some schools pay might not be attractive to some people so the DBA from a small school might do the job easily. However, some people come here with the idea that a non traditional PhD in leadership, Interdisciplinary, etc from a non ranked school can lead to a tenure track and the answer is maybe but most likely not.
  5. Rich Douglas

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    Not at all.
    This is an example of what I was talking about--taking a nontraditional route where the school wants to hire you and your doctorate is merely a formality.

    BTW, I go by "Rich" and I know Levicoff goes by "Steve" and Bear goes by "John."

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