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    Columbia Southern University is in the process of pursuing regional accreditation with SACS. My question to you is this; if one were to pursue and obtain a graduate degree from CSU before they obtained the RA through SACS, but while they were in the accreditation process, would that RA transfer over to all degrees from CSU or only those moving forward following the date of actual accreditation by SACS? I would assume only those following the actual date of accreditation but I thought I would ask the experts. Asking for a friend....
  2. Chip

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    The technical answer is that SACS accreditation only applies to degrees awarded after SACS approves accreditation.

    However, in practice, many people don't check very carefully, and so it isn't uncommon for a formerly unaccredited degree, and the credits underlying it, to be transferrable if the school accepting the transfer either has loose policies or is sloppy in checking and making the credit granting decisions.
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    Technically, a university is only accredited subsequent to the date it was granted accreditation.

    If I was your friend, I would wait at least until Columbia Southern is granted formal candidacy (if that happens). Credits and even degrees from a school in candidacy are often treated as if they were credits and degrees from an accredited school, provided that accreditation is successfully achieved.

    I agree with Chip, that employers often don't check dates so if somebody presents a degree from XYZ University and the employer looks it up and finds XYZ University on the accreditor's list, the degree might sometimes be accepted as an accredited degree even if it was awarded before the accreditation date. It's a gamble though.
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    Thanks all,
    That is what I thought but I wanted some verification. I am not sure if he truly cares about NA vs. RA as much as some of us but I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t giving him poor information.
    Thank you much!!!
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    I only see one candidate on SACS' listing, and it's in the United Arab Emirates!


    (That surprises me, since WASC has a whole bunch of current candidates, including a couple that I've long liked and am watching.)

    That being said, Columbia Southern is already accredited by DEAC, which might serve some students' purposes. But I don't foresee accreditation by SACS happening in the near term.
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  7. Rich Douglas

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    Being an applicant means nothing. It just means the school appears to meet the minimum criteria for consideration. It's a good sign, but it has no bearing on the degrees and the degree holders.

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