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Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Mr. Engineer, Aug 11, 2005.

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    I bet when it came down to it, you couldn't.
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    Re: A fascinating chance to compare myself to Jimmy!

    This is why I really don't like labels. All of us will agree with those labeled one thing or another on some issues. Look at alliances over the years by those in power. Kennedy and Dole on nutrition (or food stampts, don't remember which), Quayle and Kennedy on JTPA, Gringich and Hillary now on health care, Bush and Kennedy on No Child Left Behind, etc.

    I am sure most of us on DI are more in agreement on political issues than not. Perhaps on the "hot button" topics we find our most disagreements--abortion, gay marriage, Iraq, President Bush, etc.

    Remember, however, I still think homosexuality is wrong. I just think in a democracy people have a right to do as they please as long as they don't infringe upon the rights of others or hurt others.

    Anticipating a question. Yes, I am against abortion because I think it infringes upon the right of a life to exist. Even the Libertarian Party has a large segment within its ranks who oppose abortion for this very reason.
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    The other reason why I couldn't flip the switch is because of the way executions are handled in the US. Such as it is, if I wanted to see if I was man enough to flip the switch, I would have to take a job as a government employee. And I would undoubtedly be told that I have no authorization to think, just the authorization to do exactly as I'm told. In such a scenario, there will doubtless come a day when I will be ordered to flip the switch on a woman who killed her abusive pr*ck of a husband or a black man convicted of racism. When such a day comes, this would pose the dilemma finding out whether I'm man enough to quit what would probably have been the only reasonably decent-paying job I've ever had or ...
    On the other hand, what if executions were handled differently? What if people could volunteer to flip the switch, but only for specific executions? In other words, what if it was possible to volunteer to flip the switch on some slime bucket who raped and murdered 50 women but refuse to execute the victim of racism or the victim of domestic violence?

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