Charisma University has received "Candidate for Accreditation ACPSP

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    Charisma University has received "Candidate for Accreditation" Status by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), a CHEA recognized accrediting body.. This means that business programs offered by the university are recognized by one of the three professional accrediting bodies, the other two being AACSB and IACBE.

    Charisma University Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands Candidate for Accreditation Bacc/Grad Degree Region 8 Page 2, Line 8 from the Top
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    I'm a candidate for the NBA draft in June, I like my chances.
  3. Rich Douglas

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    Why is the original post "last edited" by Ted Heiks?
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    No, it doesn't. Candidacy at ACBSP is a non-evaluative process, granted for filling out a form and submitting a fee. They receive the fee and list the school as a candidate. But they've not yet done any evaluation of the candidate. Thus, they've not "recognized" Charisma.

    Using terms like "recognized" is imprecise regarding accreditation issues. Here are the facts (and they're not in dispute):

    -- Charisma has applied for accreditation with ACBSP.
    -- Charisma has paid a fee.
    -- Charisma has stipulated that it is legally recognized to award degrees in its home country.
    -- Charisma has stipulated that it has been doing so for at least 2 years.

    -- ACBSP has received the application and fee.
    -- Per ACBSP's own description of the process, they have not evaluated the veracity of the applicant's claims, nor the quality of the programs being offered.
    -- ACBSP will now undergo its accreditation process to discern just that.
    -- We'll see.
  5. Delta

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    I am still looking for reassurances that Charisma University is a bona fide University in Turks and Caicos. Talking about the College of Business and its ACBSP candidate status may give some an inaccurate picture of the institution's legitimacy. Like you said, "we'll see". If the College of Business receives ACBSP accreditation, that would reflect very positively on the University as a whole!
  6. surprises

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    The moderator or someone obviously removed all the posts attacking the enemies of Charisma University. Ok, I got the game now.
  7. surprises

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    Delta, talking of legitimacy, tell us the eligibility to become ACBSP and ACE members?

    I am not sure why some people can't let the truth stay! What is the problem that Charisma University has been positively judged by ACBSP and ACE and found eligible to become their members?

    Charisma University is a candidate for ACBSP accreditation and I see no where on Charisma website where they are claiming as already being accredited. I think worldtraveler was trying to let the people understand that Charisma University has been proven to be legitimate institution.

    Dr. Rich, did you understand that ACE and ACBSP did their on due diligence on Charisma University before granting them memberships? It is not a matter of completing the candidacy application form and paying fees, it is a matter of whether the institution is judged to be equivalent to US regionally accredited Institution for ACBSP membership or equivalent to either Regionally or Nationally accredited institution for ACE membership. Why are you missing to discuss these facts?

    For Christ sake, stand on the truth and leave Charisma University alone because all you have said against it have been proven to be totally wrong. You understand exactly what I am saying.

    Please I ask the moderator not to delete any posts again attacking the enemies of Charisma University. This is not fair!
  8. Delta

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  9. surprises

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    But did you believe some posts were deleted?
  10. Delta

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    Didn't pay attention! The moderators do a pretty good job though!
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    Funny you should say that, since I'm reading this over lunch and just opened a fortune cookie that says, "He who throws mud loses ground."
  12. surprises

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    Thanks Dr. Rich for letting us know the candidacy application and fees. But I think you purposely missed to mention the eligibility for ACBSP membership. Are you not aware that ACBSP establishes eligibility first before accepting any fees from institution? You know, it doesn't kill to be honest for once!
  13. surprises

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    Delta, said that moderators do a pretty good job though! Charisma has copies of all that were original posted. It makes one think whether some people are paid to entertain others here.
  14. surprises

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    Delta, my understanding is that you don't do critics by blogging.
  15. surprises

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    Delta, talking of legitimacy, please tell us the eligibility for ACBSP and ACE memberships? I trust you will be honest in responding.
  16. Delta

    Delta Active Member

    I think you are correct in saying that an accrediting agency wouldn't even accept the application unless the school was legally established but I'm not an expert and don't claim to be! Are you a representative from the University?
  17. surprises

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    Not only legally establishment BUT holds recognition from appropriate authority like Ministry of Education as a degree granting institution. I wish I were a representative of the University but I can tell what is happening in Charisma University because I am just their student.
  18. Delta

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    Yeah, I'll confess that I am certainly interested in CU as a prospective doctoral student. The tuition is hard to beat but most if not all of us want to be positive the school is legit! Do you think the tuition will skyrocket once it gets these type of accreditations?
  19. Rich Douglas

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    Ignoring the personal attack for a moment, let's remind everyone that this not true. It does NOT do that. Their website is very clear about the process.
  20. Delta

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    Charisma University is a member!

    "Membership is available for any educational institution offering an associate degree, baccalaureate major in business, and/or graduate degree in business. If located in the United States, the institution must be regionally accredited. International institutions must present a certified translation of an official document from an appropriate government organization in their country stating recognition, accreditation, and/or their right to grant degrees. This information will be verified before membership is granted."

    Join ACBSP - Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs

    Current ACBSP Members - Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs

    This tells me in an indirect way, Charisma University is indeed recognized by Turks and Caicos! I don't understand how anyone can read this differently?
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