CC loses accreditation

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    Oakland CC

    Seems to be a structure and oversight issue, not necessarily a quality issue

    "A report to OCC from the HLC indicated that the college still had many steps to take to win accreditation for its online degree programs. Among them: Hiring an associate dean for distance learning, completing a review process for existing online courses, developing online course evaluations and establishing a marketing plan for online courses."
  3. Rich Douglas

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    Sounds like they need leadership. Certainly there would be denizens of this board qualified to lead this effort.
  4. Bruce

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    I know of a guy with a Ph.D. who's pretty knowledgeable about DL, and he's actually driving a truck for a living...... :cool:
  5. Steve Levicoff

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    Hmmmmm . . . I know that guy, too.

    But if I remember correctly, he thinks that online degrees are crap. :drive:
  6. Rich Douglas

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    Thank goodness he didn't earn his PhD 'online,' right?

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