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  1. galanga

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    Let's be clear about the nature of the scows in the Capitol Network for Distance Learning Programs flotilla. The cluster of CNDLP entities comprises a number of online "high schools" offering an equivalency test in four sections. The sites are generally structured the same way as each other.

    The page holding links to the test tells students they can "Receive a 'Review Guide' (247k PDF) before taking the test. The review guide contains the questions that will be found on the test and indicates the correct answer for each question.

    So that's what we have.

    This flock of buzzards lives inside a computer with IP address At that IP are

    Except for a few defunct porn-like sites, everything is aimed at selling high school credentials.

    The ISP for this IP address is "Webair Internet Development" in Jericho, New York.

    Most of the domain registrations are masked through a proxy service, although a few have this:

    Registrant Name:n whiting
    Registrant Organization:nw
    Registrant Street1:26 thyra rd
    Registrant Street2:
    Registrant Street3:
    Registrant City:palm beach
    Registrant State/Province:nsw
    Registrant Postal Code:2108
    Registrant Country:AU
    Registrant Phone:+61.020411954039

    Does this Thyra Rd. address have anything to do with any of this? Who knows? From this Google cache, we find that 26 Thyra Rd, Palm Beach is a "Contemporary Balinese style tri level waterfront spacious and secluded house, with 3 amazing sundrenched bedrooms + a separate lower apartment and surrounded by lush tropical gardens." It is/was for rent.

    If 26 Thyra Rd. really has anything to do with the CNDLP organization, its next tenant is likely to find duck umm... feathers everywhere.

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    Death of a Diploma Mill

    Finally, these scammers are going down. I have been watching these scammers for years; and we've been helping their victims file complaints with the FTC, BBB and AG. We have issued over 50 scholarships to help some of the victims to get a legitimate, accredited high school diploma.

    These crooks were making millions from those who could least afford to pay for their products.

    Should be an interesting Federal court case to follow.
  3. Amings

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    Wow I am just now finding out about this. So my "GED" that I got from them is not valid. This was 11 years ago I received mine. Now I'm accepting a job that requires me to provide my education but now doesn't look like it can be validated. I have no idea what to do now.
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    GEDs are not awarded by private schools (someone jump in if there is some state that has some weird exception). It is a program, typically administered by your state's Department of Education.

    So, go take the exam and you'll have a real, legitimate GED. Alternatively, sign up for an accredited online high school.

    I have never seen an employer both with validating a high school graduation. I'm sure someone, somewhere does. But the effort doesn't really justify the reward (which is none) to the employer. So, you might be able to just slip through the cracks.

    But yeah, I would get working on getting a legit GED pronto.
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    It sure looks that way. I certainly hope so - it's been going for a long time.

    Another article on them here - cited in another thread today by Kizmet. Acccording to the article, one could pass a fake drug test and get a fake HS diploma at the same time.

    They Sold Fake Diplomas and

    Glad your accredited school provided scholarships to a number of victims - so they'd end up earning a real diploma. Good work.

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    Can you email me the info on how to get a refund? I got scammed by them 16 years ago
    [email protected]
  7. Kizmet

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    I'm sorry Ashley but your money is gone and it will not come back to you. Even if there were no statute of limitations, there is no way to get these people to return your money.
  8. Ashley Pyle

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    Thats bullshit. Im 34 and i got this at 17.. My kids were finally older and i could go to college just to learn its fake.. And now that im to old i cant get my diploma. And your saying screw me basically? Thats not right. They scammed numerous of people.. And yall pick n choose who gets compensated? Wow. My lawyers will have a field day with this..
  9. Rich Douglas

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    Wow. It took you almost 2 years to simmer down sufficiently to type out that screed?

    I count 16 errors in your post, a remarkable figure in such a small space. I'd be mad at my school, too, but for a different reason.

    No one here "picks and chooses" anything about anyone. You posted something and people responded. It's how a discussion board works.

    You have lawyers (plural)? Cool!
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    I don't have any idea what you're talking about, but that's ok, you don't seem to have any idea what you're talking about either.
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    If these lawyers don't know about the Statute of Limitations, they must be working pro bozo.
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    LOL!!! Hilarious!!!

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