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    It's better than the US system, I think. You don't get low-grade schools, shielded by religious exemption handing out degrees (hopefully only in religion) that are not worthy of being called degrees. The kind of degree-looking papers that unscrupulous holders will attempt to use, to bamboozle their way into a secular job they can't get without a degree. Here, if your religious school wants to award academic degrees - it has to qualify for recognition, just like any other University. The religion part it can do on its own - or often, subject to the religious accreditation of a Denom.

    And if a religious school chooses not to qualify - or does not qualify for any reason, as a University - it can issue awards for religious studies as it sees fit - certificates, diplomas etc but NOT academic degrees. N-o-t ... e-v-e-n... o-n-e.

    I don't hold with religion for myself - at all. But I'm not against it for believers. We all have to make our choices.
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    That was somewhat my experience when I used to consult for Electronic Arts for a number of years on Madden until things went south. During the Madden 11 development cycle I gave them a ton of improvement suggestions which they just outright rejected and made changes that were sure to make its fanbase angry. I strongly advised them not to make those changes. They didn't listen and it blew up in their faces with one of the things becoming a public fiasco that played out through the media after fan anger boiled over. I stopped working with them after that because it became clear to me that they just wanted to be told what they wanted to hear not what they needed to hear to improve their game (and apparently that hasn't changed since. The game today is as much of a disaster as it's ever been that only survives because EA bought the exclusive license to make NFL games back in 2005 which killed off the rest of the market, and they don't listen to their fans nor their consultants).

    I was vindicated the next season when in Madden 12 they added every single thing they rejected from me the year before and credited me in the game, lol. It wound up being widely considered by sim gamers as the best Madden of the 7th generation and one of the best Madden's ever made.
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    Sounds like you should start your own evaluator, then. ;)
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    I wonder how airtight that system really is. I mean, Redeemer University College is solid, and so are a few other schools like that. There are a few ABHE-accredited institutions, which is fine. But there is this school:
    Bible College | FaithWay Baptist College of Canada | Ajax (

    I only became aware of it because I knew a guy who's a member of that church. At a glance, they do not seem at all comparable to most of Ontario degree-granting schools. But the college does have the authority. By the Act of Provincial Parliament, even.
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    Their catalog states that "an applicant must be an active member of an independent, fundamental Baptist church." It would hard to compare a tiny theological training institution with a humanities and science-oriented Christian university college such as; Redeemer or Tyndale. I am not sure that it would be a fair comparison. FBC's religous education degrees would not be accepted in the Ontario public school system. I don't see any substantial threats here, at least on the surface. It just wouldn't be my cup of tea with King James Only-ism and other problematic doctrinal commitments. Are you objecting to the whole notion of a church-based theological training insitution being given a provincial degree-granting charter?
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    I looked, Stanislav. Well, I don't LIKE it -- separate degree programs for men and women - and they teach a course about being a woman in the Baptist world - both are the kind of thing I don't like to see. I think telling women how to be women is an insult -- they already know. I hope it's not simply obedience training - always defer to the men who run the show, etc. Other religions do that kind of thing. It's bad. REALLY bad. I'm not having any.

    I note they teach religion alone. No secular degrees. So I can't really tell on short notice whether they're below par when it comes to University requirements. The Bachelor's seems a little light on Biblical languages. Two courses in Introductory Greek Grammar - no Hebrew at all. You're more versed in religious matters than I am. If you says it's deficient - I'll take your word.

    The things I don't like are clouding my judgment here - so I'll stay out. Not a field I'm knowledgeable in. I'm happy not liking them. Don't want to know more.

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