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  1. Kizmet

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    Somewhere in Switzerland money is flowing from an Axact shell company into a numbered account that ultimately belongs to some Pakistani Judge.

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  2. Johann

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    Right, Kizmet. The incorruptible Judge Judy could sort through this trial in less than 8 minutes - and deal with two other Axact miscreants in the same episode! The network could have a special "Judge Judy - All Axact Week." Like Pokemon - Gotta catch them all!

    They need Judge Judy in Pakistan! I'm starting a GoFundHer page!
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  4. Kizmet

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  5. Kizmet

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  6. Johann

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    For Shoaib Shaikh, CEO of Axact.

    Shaikhy Baby, slip a Master's under the tree for me
    You've been an awful bad boy,
    Shaikhy Baby, so mail it from Karachi tonight.

    Shaikhy Baby, a doctorate too, please
    I'll wait up for you, dear
    Shaikhy Baby, so print it up at Axact tonight..

    Think of all the stuff I never learned,
    Think of those degrees I haven't earned...
    This year you got oh so rich
    Think of all the folks you burned ...

    Shaikhy honey, I need to know - where's Umair Hamid?
    Has he served his time?
    And Shaikhy Baby, I need a D. Min. - and that's not a sin
    Been an angel all year
    Shaikhy Baby, so have it apostilled tonight.

    And Shaikhy Baby, please include an MBA - I'll make much better pay
    A hundred grand a year,
    Shaikhy Baby, so keep those presses rollin' tonight.

    Shaikhy Baby, take the red-eye from Karachi tonight.
    Red-eye from Karachi tonight
    Red-eye, tonight.

    Apologies to the writers of Santa Baby - Joan Javits & Philip Springer
    And the divine Miss Eartha Kitt, who sang it.

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