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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by JoshD, Mar 1, 2022.

  1. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    It's interesting, although not surprising, that Liberty University realizes that even though they've admitted you, they still need to close the sale.
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  2. sanantone

    sanantone Well-Known Member

    As someone who is a doctoral student currently writing my dissertation, I encourage prospective doctoral students to look at the numbers. If you're looking for more than self-actualization, the numbers matter. There are many doctorate graduates who didn't look at the numbers, have a lot of debt, and can't afford to pay the debt. What's even worse is when you can't land the job you pursued the doctoral degree for.

    Also, as someone who has taught lower level and upper level undergraduate courses at a non-traditional college and traditional university, I would not recommend earning a doctoral degree to teach courses below college-level. Teaching courses that are far below your educational level can be unfulfilling and depressing. I had a couple of high school teachers with PhDs, and they were far from being the best instructors.
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  3. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    Totally agree.

    I'm not so sure. In middle school and high school we had a choir director, Dr. Baxter, who was amazing and didn't seem to be unhappy about working with us. I would think the systems might make teaching high school more frustrating than the kids would.

    But I realize that for every anecdote there is an equal and opposite anecdote, and maybe more cases are like yours than mine.
  4. JoshD

    JoshD Well-Known Member

    Not going to lie, I kind of laughed when reading the admissions letter. It was pretty typical of their emails and other marketing material though.
  5. sanantone

    sanantone Well-Known Member

    Agree. It's possible for someone with a doctoral degree to be happy teaching high school, and it's possible for them not to be happy. However, I was more so talking about the lack of mental stimulation or feeling like you're not utilizing your education. Having a miserable teacher who wishes they were doing something more in line with their level of education is not a pleasant experience.
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  6. Dustin

    Dustin Well-Known Member

    Congrats Josh!
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  7. felderga

    felderga Active Member

    Congrats on Liberty... By chance are you able to transfer any of your Master's coursework? I got into the DBA for Healthcare Management a couple of years ago but one of the reasons besides the Jerry Falwell drama decided to look elsewhere was partly due to their refusal to accept what I thought were transferrable units. The 4 courses that make up the healthcare management specialization are master-level courses so of which I covered in both my MHI program at U of Minn and MBA at Columbia Southern. Hopefully, you'll have better luck than me with getting some transferrable credit
  8. chrisjm18

    chrisjm18 Well-Known Member

    You will get an email and letter in the mail. Liberty is just being techy! lol
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  9. chrisjm18

    chrisjm18 Well-Known Member

    Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU).
    Job: Assistant Professor
    Agency/Department: Economics and Finance
    Pay: $124,744

    He earned his Ph.D. in 2017 and has been at MTSU since 2018. Now, I guess I chose the wrong discipline lol
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  10. RFValve

    RFValve Well-Known Member

    Salary seems to be low for a Finance professor. In Canada, some of the major universities pay 200K to 400K for this profile.

    Assistant Professor of Finance 290K

    Professor of Finance, University of Toronto 424K
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  11. life_learner

    life_learner Member

  12. chrisjm18

    chrisjm18 Well-Known Member

    Middle Tennessee is just a regular state school. I am sure the big business schools in the U.S. pay way more than 124k to an assistant professor.
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  13. JoshD

    JoshD Well-Known Member

    According to what I found from 2015, the average Fuqua School of Business Professor makes around $215K. Obviously some more, some less. I’d assume now in 2022, that number could be closer to $240K, though I could be wrong.
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  14. JoshD

    JoshD Well-Known Member

    Got the admissions letter in the mail from Liberty University. I must say. This first paragraph made me chuckle. Maybe they have mastered the art of time travel?

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  15. JoshD

    JoshD Well-Known Member

    It has been a while since I updated this, partially because it took Jacksonville University nearly 2 months to render a decision.

    Needless to say, first admissions to an AACSB Accredited Doctoral program!

  16. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    I assume admissions to the Liberty and Jacksonville DBA programs is noncompetitive, that they accept all qualified applicants. Is that so?
  17. JoshD

    JoshD Well-Known Member

    I do not have any insight into the criteria in which they admit or deny nor do I know how many applicants they get and admissions rates. I'd venture to assume Liberty is much easier to be admitted to.

    As for Jacksonville University, I do not know competitiveness. It is one of few AACSB Accredited DBA Programs but that does not necessarily mean it is competitive. I just genuinely do not know.
  18. JoshD

    JoshD Well-Known Member

    I'll also add that JU states their cohort sizes are 10-20 students. Whether they get more applications than that, I do not know.
  19. JoshD

    JoshD Well-Known Member

    Also, I hope this is not a knock on my intelligence or anything. Tough to read tone through text but regardless, they are doctoral degree programs with one being AACSB.
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  20. chrisjm18

    chrisjm18 Well-Known Member

    I don't think either school is competitive. We know Liberty will accept anyone who meets the requirements. As for JU, the required documents seem to be transcripts, resume/CV, and letter of intent. No GRE or recommendation letters unless your GPA is below 3.0., which I think is impossible to earn a graduate degree. They also seem to have a bachelor's degree entry option.
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