ABMS (The Open University of Switzerland)

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  1. Johann766

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    How do you know this school has 60 dual-degree programs? Is there a list of them or somthing like that? Thanks.
  2. Kizmet

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    You're going to have to dig through the references on your own.

    "The University participates in the European Union and other international and research projects in its Lifelong Learning Programme, ERASMUS and ERASMUS MUNDUS. This grew into multilateral joint agreements with universities in many Europe and Asia. The University has about 60 bilateral cooperation agreements with overseas universities.

    The University co-operates with the business sector, including the biggest Polish employers, whose management staff participate in the creation of study programs and conduct classes."

  3. Johann766

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    Thanks for showing the source of "60 dual degree programs". However I wouldn´t read this information on Wikipedia (if it´s true) that way, that they have 60 dual-degree programs. The way I read it the 60 partner schools rather refer to giving students the possiblity to study at another university in another country for 1/2 semesters. This does not mean that students are going to have a dual degree.
  4. Kizmet

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    It’s all subject to interpretation. And it’s really just speculation until someone contacts each school and asks the question. I have a sensitive sense of smell and to me it all stinks just a little bit. The opaque nature of all of these arrangements, the lack of readily available information. Being unable to get simple questions answered in a timely manner, all of this begins to get just a little fetid.

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