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  1. Gus Sainz

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    This from St. Regis University’s Web site:
    • ”Nearly 90% of typical “traditional” classroom time is wasted on "off topic" conversation, socializing, discipline and interruption.
    This, of course, is consistent with the fact that 76.32 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot. :D
  2. g-gollin

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    email from [email protected]

    Hi folks,

    I received email today from the account [email protected] concerning the Oregon Office of Degree Authorization. I belive the information in the Word document that was enclosed is being posted in the thread "Federal Court rules against Contreras?" so it is not necessary to reproduce it here.

    FYI, here's my reply, followed by their initial message to me.

    George Gollin


    Dear Madame/Sir:

    Thank you for the information. I'd be interested in learning more about this
    if you have other information you could share with me. Please bear in mind
    that I would need to be able to show other documents to colleagues for their
    comments and reactions.

    You did not indicate your name, or the names of any of the members of ODA
    Watch, so I did separate Google searches for "ODAwatch" and "ODA watch" to
    learn more about your organization. I found references to an organization
    which describes itself this way:

    "ODA Watch works as a information provider and watchdog to Japan's Official
    Dvelopment Assistance (ODA)" at the site
    http://www.parc-jp.org/parc_e/ODA_Watch/ODA_Watch.html. There is also an
    "Overseas Development Assistance (ODA)" based in Jakarta. However, I was not
    successful in learning more about your organization so I am a little in the
    dark as to your identities.

    If you are comfortable doing so, could you tell me who you are, and who your
    colleagues at ODAwatch are please? (Naturally, if you feel that you must
    remain anonymous you should do so.) In addition, to better understand
    possible conflicts of interest, it would be helpful if you could inform me
    of connections between organizations which might be impacted by the work of
    ODA and the members of ODAwatch.

    I am unsure where it is I have asserted that "Mr. Alan Contreras, is somehow
    an expert on school law" although I think it highly likely that he is quite
    well-versed in these matters. I did write in a post at degreeinfo.com (see
    for more detail) that

    "The head of the Oregon Office of Degree Authorization refers to SRU as a
    diploma mill in a published article. He is a professional at evaluating the
    rigor of the accreditation process and is quite expert in these matters."

    Perhaps this is what you are referring to?

    As you are aware, accreditation by CHEA-recognized bodies is a lengthy
    process involving, among other things, a visit to effect face-to-face
    meetings with university senior administrative officials, and review in
    depth of an institution's curriculum. Certainly the head of the State of
    Oregon's Office of Degree Authorization will be knowledgeable about these

    George Gollin

    > -----Original Message-----
    > From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
    > Sent: Monday, September 01, 2003 11:47 AM
    > To: [email protected]
    > Subject: Re: ODA's Credibility
    > Dr. Gollin:
    > The following attachment is provided for your information.
    > Your expertise in
    > physics should not be confused with an expertise in legal and
    > political
    > affairs. Your assertion that the ODA and its administrator,
    > Mr. Alan Contreras, is
    > somehow an expert on school law is refuted by the fact that
    > Mr. Contreras is
    > not licensed to practice law in the state of Oregon and by
    > the attached brief
    > of a federal court judgment against Mr. Contreras'
    > application of the very
    > Oregon regulations you highlight on your web page. I would
    > hope you would show
    > the integrity to update your page to reflect this information.
    > If you are not the author of the web page "Information About Some
    > Degree-Granting Institutions not Accredited by CHEA
    > Recognized Organizations," then
    > please disregard this notice.
    > ODA Watch is a group of experts in public law, public
    > administration, and
    > academic law committed to policing the activities of the ODA.
  3. MarkIsrael@aol.com

    [email protected] New Member

    Bill Huffman wrote:

    > Mark, here's a link to the class offerings that are on the SRU
    > web page.

    It doesn't say no other classes are available, does it? On the faculty Web page http://www.saintregis.ac/faculty.htm under Leonard van der Walt, it says: "some of his research papers have been introduced at SRU in textbook form as part of the MBA Marketing program."

    Bill Dayson wrote:

    > Here's the entire St. Regis degree program:

    No, that's not the entire program: it's the "Fast Track": http://saintregis.edu.lr/fasttrack_worldpay.html. I assume courses would be part of the "slow track". Since the "Fast Track" is available, there may not have been sufficient demand so far to catalogue the "slow track" courses on the Web, although Len says they are bolstering the course offerings.

    Searching on Google for "Please use the box below for a brief thesis" turns up similar Web pages to the "Fast Track" at http://www.advancedu.org, http://globalchurchministries.com, http://www.worldchapel.com, www.universityservices.net, and http://www.allegiancedu.com.

    Dennis Ruhl wrote:

    > Haven't you yet perceived the fantasy surrounding St. Regis?

    The relevant part of Rich's argument was essentially "They're lying because they don't offer courses." I asked how he knew they don't offer courses. If you want to add "They don't offer courses because they're lying," you're not bosltering Rich's argument; you're just making Rich's argument circular.
  4. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Well-Known Member

    How about instead the statement is, "SRU is a degree mill because they offer degrees based purely on life experience." :D
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    new addresses for Saint Regis

    The addresses here for Saint Regis now show

    Fardoun Building #2
    Opposite Palm Business & Accounting Firm
    Water Street, Monrovia
    Republic Of Liberia
    Phone #(37747) 511367/513793
    Fax/Voicemail: 309 412 1966


    US Mail Forwarding Service:
    Official Transcript Verification Center
    1812 Marsh Road, Suite 6 - 242
    Wilmington, DE 19810

    instead of the

    73 Carey St. S&G Building - West Wing


    http://www.phonenumber.com/ lists 17 occupants of 1812 Marsh Road:

    T & D NAILS

  6. roysavia

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    Re: new addresses for Saint Regis

    Pet Village! You see! I was right! I knew that one day I would be able to get my pet Jack Russell Terrier a law degree from St. Regis!!
    (based on his life experience, of course):D

    Pizza anybody?
  7. galanga

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    This is an old thread, but it seemed like the place to put this...

    This Saint Regis page asks visitors to
    The email link (the SRU "legal team") goes to University Services which proclaims itself
    There is a web form contained in the University Services page which is sent to "James Monroe University."

    My goodness, it is tempting to think that all these organizations are related.

    Perhaps they will write an amicus curae brief in support of Oregon's ODA concerning the Kennedy-Western suit? After all, Bill_0169, posting to AED from a Spokane ISP commented
    I am sure it would be a help to ODA to have these single-nation-credentialed entities rise to Oregon's defense.


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