A Sampling of Doctoral Degrees from "Pulpit Helps."

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    Pulpit Helps, which is published monthly by AMG Publishers in Chattanooga, TN, advertises numerous degree programs in each edition. Following is a sampling of doctoral opportunities in the March 2003 edition:

    Southwest Bible College/Seminary (Jennings, LA)
    Doctoral degree: $900

    Slidell Baptist Seminary (Slidell, LA)
    Doctoral degree: $700

    Lake Charles Bible College (Lake Charles, LA)
    Doctoral degree: $400

    New Wine School of the Bible (Tecumseh, OK)
    Honorary Doctorate
    $50 application fee, $300 upon approval
    [email protected]
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    See, I knew I was going about this all wrong. Doing 60 credit hours the old fashioned way (studying....and studying), paying big tuition fees............stupid......stupid me.

  3. Robert

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    WoW this could change my life

    Russell, thanks for the info. i will be ending my program at ACCS and moving to Louisiana.

    I was also wondering if you know of any professors,other than their own, who are teaching with a degree from this fine institution.

    Who knows maybe i will see North on campus.

    Robert :D
  4. Thanks for the memories . . .

    When Name It & Frame It was released in 1992, it was advertised in Pulpt Helps. I had written in the book that Pulpit Helps, more than any other publication, held the record for advertising the most religious degree mills. Needless to say, there was a mass protest among their advertisers against the NIFI ad.

    As a result, Pulpit Helps banned any further advertising for NIFI.

    And as a further result, the Institute on Religion and Law relased a new ad campaign headlined, "Banned by Pulpit Heplps." We did a direct mailing to all of the people who had responded to the original ad, and the purchase rate among them was at an outrageously, wonderfully high percentage. Pulpit Helps had, in fact, done more for the book's sales than any advertising we could have paid for.

    So Pulpit Helps holds a special place in my l'il ol' heart. And they still have a higher percentage of degree mill ads than any other publication; in fact, almost every school that advertises in Pulpit Helps is a degree mill.
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    Well, darn it, there's not a SINGLE JSD program in there! I'm gonna SUE!

    Nosborne, JD (and craving the prestige connected with the exalted JSD)
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    Re: Thanks for the memories . . .

    I knew it was only a matter of time before Steve responded to this post.

    Actually, I saw NIFI advertised in Pulpit Helps the month the ad was printed, and immediately ordered the book. NIFI mentioned John Bear so I began ordering his books. It has been an interesting ten years. ;)
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    This one looks pretty good to me.

    Of course, I like to partake of my new wine out of bottles with screw caps, clutched in brown paper bags.
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    The guy that runs that seminary used to pastor a church in my hometown in missouri. He was eventually fired and fleed town because he was having an affair on his wife for months, committed credit card fraud, and getting into fights with church members.


    Paul Dabadu ...what do you expect with a name like that :)

    for His Glory,

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    Re: Slidell

    If this is true we know that God can forgive. It does, however, seem a little uncanny to see the terms seminary and credit card fraud in the same paragraph---and applying to the same context.


    A 10 course, no thesis doctorate for $700.
    The KJV is the only text book.
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    Why spend all this money when you can get ordained for free by the Universal Life Church?


    ......and a doctorate through ULC will only set you back $100.00! And with the money saved you can finance your dependency on alcohol and other vices. :)
  12. John Bear

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    Drew: Paul Dabadu ...what do you expect with a name like that

    John: I expect him to form a school in partnership with Abba.
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    And the school's theme song can be "Take a chance on me."
  14. John Bear

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    ...except for the "Honey I'm still free..." line.

    And "Honey, I'm still $2,400 for the degree" doesn't scan.
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    I am a retired educator with a bachelors', masters' and work beyond, all from SACS accredited schools. I am also an ordained Baptist minister for legitimitate churches.

    I like the course offerings of Slidell Baptist Seminary and would like to take them. On the other hand, I have managed to live "above board" board for 63 years and don't want to be "taken" this late in life by a diploma mill. Plus, I don't need another degree just the knowledge gained from having taken a quality class.

    I understand that a regional accrediting agency is not everything but I am accustomed to SACS.

    Any advice will be tremendously apprecicated.
  16. Blackwelder

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    Slidell Baptist Seminary

    I am a retired college professor and have the degrees in hand, all from fully accredited institutions, if you accept Southern Association of Colleges and Schools as legitimate.

    I don't need an additional degree, just the knowledge. What about the class work from SBS?

    I am a licensed and ordained Baptist preacher---yes from legitimate churches!

  17. Blackwelder

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    Slidell Baptist Seminary

    I have degrees, undergraduate and masters, and am retired. I don't need another degree but would like to take Bible coursework.

    I am familiar with SACS accreditation and feel comfortable with it evaluations. However, I do realtize there are schools, not fully accredited, that offer quality coursework.

    Advise and suggestions, please.

    Rev. Ed
  18. Kizmet

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    Hi Ed - I've burned more than a little wire myself and so it's good to talk to another welder. As for your question, it seems to me that you already know what you've got to do in order to obtain your goal and, at the same time, live within the bounds of your values.
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    If you don't intend to earn a degree or certification, and if you don't intend to boast about your studies to other people in hopes of impressing them, then the only person that you need to satisfy is you.

    I've never heard of Slidell Baptist Seminary and can't comment on it. I don't follow theologically conservative Christian higher education since it doesn't interest me. (I'm not a Christian.)

    But I am 61, have all the degrees that I will need in my lifetime, and am interested in DL and higher education because of the intellectual opportunities that it offers. So I definitely sympathize with you and relate to your question.

    In my case, virtually all of the educational things that I'm looking at right now aren't accredited. Few of them are degree-granting or credit-awarding, so accreditation doesn't really apply any longer and has little relevance. Whether I continue to pursue these things will depend in large part on whether I think that they are addressing my interests and needs at an appropriate level. If I feel that I am learning something valuable, then I'll keep at it. But if I feel that I'm wasting my time, I'll move on. It's like checking books out of the library, except that it's more personal and interactive.

    So my suggestion to you would probably be to widen your horizons. If you aren't planning to earn a degree, then you don't need to only be looking at degree-granting seminaries. There's no end of scholarly, ecclesiastical and quasi-academic organizations in the field of religion that offer no end of classes and activities that might be of interest to you.

    You have to make your own decision. It's kind of enjoyable, actually. If you decide to go with Slidell, then only you can judge whether you are getting something valuable from the experience.
  20. Ted Heiks

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    from legitimate churches? how does a church establish its legitimacy?

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