A Sampling of Doctoral Degrees from "Pulpit Helps."

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    Blackwelder was here but now is gone, left the name to carry on.
  2. What's this sound like? Slidell Baptist Seminary purchases their accreditation from a place that hands them out for $75!! Where is the Seminary building? The address he posts is to a Post Office Box where he collects his checks!! Ridge Memorial Baptist is privately owned by his friend. Open your Holy Bible, and save your money, you'll get more from God Himself than this place ever has to offer!! God bless.
  3. A legitimate "Church" is God's house.Many are privately owned. Be careful!! A place that offers degrees and diplomas should be accredited by the Dept. of Higher Education. Check with them first before you spend your money on a worthless piece of paper, thus a diploma mill. You can also tell if they offer Federal loans! God bless.
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    What does what sound like? (That looks like a grammatical dangler.)

    The text you are replying to is nine years old and reads in relevant part:

    "In my case, virtually all of the educational things that I'm looking at right now aren't accredited. Few of them are degree-granting or credit-awarding, so accreditation doesn't really apply any longer and has little relevance. Whether I continue to pursue these things will depend in large part on whether I think that they are addressing my interests and needs at an appropriate level. If I feel that I am learning something valuable, then I'll keep at it. But if I feel that I'm wasting my time, I'll move on. It's like checking books out of the library, except that it's more personal and interactive."

    The point being made there was that if one's purpose in studying is to actually learn something rather than to merely accumulate degrees or transferrable credits, then accreditation isn't the most relevant variable. The level, accuracy and suitability of the material is more important.

    If a student's objective is simply to learn more about a subject of interest, then it might be a good move for the student to lose his or her degree objective along with any expectation that quality education can only take place in an accredited online degree program. Making that mental adjustment opens up a tremendous amount of additional material ranging from countless online (not-for-credit) classes, through no end of articles, online study materials and unpublished theses and dissertations. It's entirely free, and it doesn't require subordinating your own academic interests to those of a supervising professor. You can guide your own studies and only have to satisfy your own expectations and fulfill your own needs.
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    deleted - dup. J.
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    Well, Ted, one guy, who owned an unaccredited ministry "school," had the temerity to claim legitimacy via Apostolic Succession, leading from St. Peter to his ever-lovin' blessed self! http://new.christianallianceministries.com/APOSTOLICSUCCESSION.htm

    We had a thread on him, here. https://www.degreeinfo.com/index.php?threads/assemblies-of-god-resolution-regarding-questionable-credentials.44128/#post-446758

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