You're a guinea pig? HW MBA, PG Cert, DBA!

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    So, here's the funny, if you've got the's an alright or decent combo program, and here's the brief or quick low down...

    Oops... I'm retyping all of this, for some reason, it didn't save my previous work!! Anyways, HW MBA and DBA have been talked about on both the sister board and here. They offer a 9 course MBA by exam and it can be done in a year or shorter, it's entirely online, non proctored, open book exams, plus you can use the internet (yes, you read that correctly)... Cost was about $10K USD, now it's $14.5K USD, if you pay all upfront, you get a discount of 20% and that becomes $11.6K USD for this mid-tier UK MBA. Link:

    PG Cert Research Methods (it's actually the DBA 'course stage') but they offer this to any student, obviously, if you're going to continue and finish the DBA, you'll need the Masters and any other prerequisites completed. Think of this as a Level 8 UK diploma but more expensive. This can be a stand alone option or the first stage of the DBA, the final or second stage is the DBA 'research' stage. If you can finish all 3 in 3 sessions setting within the same term, you don't need an entire year. The cost for this PG Cert is roughly $4,750 USD. Not on-campus, it's online... Link:

    DBA 'research stage' is the final hurdle to this DBA, it mentions 3 years for the research stage, but if you put in a case that you did the MBA and PG Cert, plus your personal 'research', you may be able to finish this in 2 years for $11,050 USD/year, total would be $22,100 to finish the program off. I would look into this area the most as it will vary for each student. Link:

    So, who has the cash flow to be the guinea pig?! Grand total would be, 14.5+4.75+22.1 = $41,350 USD for all three combined, and it would take you roughly 3 years to get all three done if you're somewhat speedy. Oh, here's the link for the exams for distance learning and for online Canvas option, again, open book exams, even for the 3 PG Cert Research Methods classes,
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    "And you don't even need a Bachelor's degree! Operators are standing by!"
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    The MBA exams used to be proctored and in-person (at testing sites around the world). When did THAT change?

    I see the average time to complete is 5 years, but I don't see a minimum for the research phase. On the tuition page the calculation offered assumes 3 years of research, but that's just for illustrative purposes. Is there something that actually says the research can be completed in 2 years (plus the 3 courses)?

    For three years of research, plus the taught portion, it would be just under $US38K. Two years of research plus the courses would be right at $US27K.

    The three courses are:
    • Research Methods--it's about doing research in a doctoral program
    • Qualitative Methods
    • Quantitative Methods
    Yes, you get a certificate upon completing these 3 courses, whatever that's worth.

    I imagine if someone has already done a doctoral thesis using quantitative methods and another using qualitative methods, these would go by pretty quickly.

    Note: An MBA or a master's in a "relevant field from a recognised institution" is required.

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