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  1. kate

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    I am seriously considering the Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology at Yorkville University. However, I am a little nervous about the accreditation issue. As a for-profit private school, it is only accredited by the province of New Brunswick. I have checked with my province's professional association of counselors and they accept graduates from Yorkville, so that is not a problem. I also have degrees from "traditional" universities already, so am not worried about name-recognition. Any thoughts or experiences to share?
  2. Ted Heiks

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    It is considered traditional to post a link when asking about a university. Is this www.yorkvilleu.ca the right Yorkville? :cool:
  3. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Kate - I gues there's two things that I'm thinking about. The first is licensure. We hear a lot about counselors/psychologists needing to be licensed. Is that what you mean by "being accepted by my province? Does that apply to any of the other provinces? Beyond that I'm not clear what your worry might be? If it's "accredited" in the province where it exists and it's accepted in other provinces as well, where's the worry?
  4. kate

    kate New Member

    Ted - yes that's the link. Thank you.

    Kizmet - When I searched Yorkville U. on this site, there were a few older posts that pointed out Yorkville's connection to the previously failed Lansbridge in BC, and implied that it was a "degree mill". I don't believe this is the case, and I see no recent posts about problems there, but was still hoping someone might have more info to share.
  5. eGuy

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    The originator of that post was incorrect. Yorkville University has no affiliation with Lansbridge University (formerly) in BC or NB.
  6. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    With this most recent addition to this thread I'm able to see that Kate never actually answered any of my questions.
  7. Scott Henley

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    Kate, Yorkville University is registered in New Brunswick because it has one of the most lax laws for defining a "university". The only degree is offers is this MA in Counseling Psychology. While it is legal, for-profit education is not looked upon well in Canada. I think it started off as a computer school, then became a dental technician school, now it offers a psych degree..... who knows what is next?

    I would save your money and enroll in an institution that will not raise any questions. I believe that it always has to indicate that it operates out of New Brunswick if its degrees are to be legal across Canada. I don't think it can just say "Yorkville University".... it has to follow up with "New Brunswick".
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  8. Scott Henley

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    Ummm... don't be so sure. A simple Google search will yield some interesting information regarding their connection.
  9. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    I found this statement in the Presidents message:

    Our faculty are experienced teachers at the top of their fields. In Counselling Psychology all your teachers will have doctoral degrees and are licensed practitioners. In Engineering, on the other hand, many have doctoral or masters degrees and all have extensive practical laboratory experience.

    However Yorkville does not appear to offer any engineering courses.

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