Why an online degree may not be a good investment

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    So what it is really saying is that college is too expensive and the ever increasing tuition is a major problem with poor ROI and massive student debt, but spun it to make it sound like an issue with "online" schools only.

    The story would literally devalue paper if it were printed on it and it has grammatical errors that make we question the credibility of the author...
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    Yes, if the coach was of inferior quality and the team did not perform as well.

    Will there be caps on other professions? It seems odd to arbitrarily place caps on certain professions and not others.

    Yes, this is likely because players will opt for the rival schools (West Virginia and Georgia, maybe?) who do possess these facilities/amenities who will then defeat their schools.

    We also have some rabid MLS and general soccer fans in the U.S. despite the objectively inferior product.
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    It was more of a joke. Demand preferences are difficult to manipulate when associated preferences are so firmly entrenched.
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    When I worked in government, my RA AA, BS NA, and NA MBA worked fine for me. They were basically "check the box" type things. In state government the requirement is that the degree is "recognized", period.
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    Not at all, Steve. I give you my personal permission to take the ENTIRE CFL south of the border. Do as you will with it. :smile:

    One did - once. The rest know what's good for them. :smile:

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    Hey, I kind of like the CFL. The closest team to me during the U.S. expansion era were the Baltimore Stallions, so that was exciting! I was sorry when they withdrew back to beyond the wall.
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    The Baltimore Stallions were incredible. So much talent on both sides of the ball. That first Grey Cup between them and the BC Lions is still one of my all-time favorite games. Baltimore lost that one, but won the next one against Calgary. I still say that if Wally Buono hadn't benched Jeff Garcia for a rusty Doug Flutie, the Stampeders would've beaten Baltimore and kept the cup in Canada. I never understood why Buono did dumb things like that. He'd actually make that mistake a few more times in the future and lost another Grey Cup behind it, the second time he benched the LEAGUE MVP (Casey Printers). I still can't believe that one. As great as Buono is, he would've been fired in the NFL for dumb decisions like that.

    As an American, the U.S. experiment was fun, but in hindsight it was a very dark spot on the history of the Canadian Football League. For some reason, I stopped watching Canadian Football after the 2005 Grey Cup, but what a way to end, it was a great overtime thriller.
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    Every once in a while someone tries to start a CFL team in Atlantic Canada. My grandmother grew up in N.S., so if anyone ever succeeds at that, that will be my team.
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    I will withhold my final judgment on the article until I was able to read it. It was unavailable the last time I checked. However, if the authors really maintain that 77% of online learners are at for-profit colleges and universities, while only 2% are at public colleges and universities, their data will be so flawed as to render it useless.
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    While awaiting resolution of the permissions issue, you might like this PDF, http://www.nber.org/chapters/c13874.pdf , co-authored by the same Caroline M. Hoxby. She seem to specialize in the productivity and cost/benefit angles of higher education and not just for the student. I just skimmed it a bit but you might find it interesting.
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    Οχι ευχαριστώ! (No thanks!) :smile:

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