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    I am sure that DETC would have to be consulted first. :thinking:

    However, I wonder if a school would be allowed to accept a large number of courses from another doctoral program? Since the aggregators (the Big Three) do it at the undergrad level, why not function as a Doctoral Aggregator?
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    Taft is accredited by DETC, and DETC's scope regarding doctoral programs is limited, and (theoretically) does not include research doctorates. Unfortunately, I expect that would put the kibosh on a lot of innovation here by them.

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    Have you considered partnering your business school with some corporations? For example Lockheed, IBM, etc?
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    Exactly …

    Under “List of Professional Doctoral Degrees Acceptable for DETC Accreditation"

    DETC defines “professional doctoral degree” to mean a post-master’s graduate level degree that prepares
    individuals through internships, practical application of training, and/or specialized certifications, for professional practice (such as the Doctor of Business Administration), as opposed to research methodologies that are associated with academic doctorate degrees (such as the Doctor of Philosophy).

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    I think Randall was funnin you all....LOL
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    Glad someone gets my humor :saevil:
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    He he he he!!!!!!!

    Abner :)
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    From what I gather on their website, a bachelor's degree is the only (academic) prerequisite? What if my degree was in a non-business field?
  9. dlady

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    Hi dandichka:

    You should contact admissions for this type of detail.

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    Has anyone completed it?
  11. Randell1234

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    I am sure people completed the Taft MBA but not at that price - it was just released.
  12. geoffs

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    Ok that got my interest, so what's the deal on the DBA costs? Time?
  13. dlady

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    "The university is also offering an incredible incentive for their Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program. For the same limited time, if you join AIMS as a premium member, before you sign up for the program, the tuition is only $357 dollars a month. The DBA can be completed in as little as 27 months, which means a person can earn a Doctor of Business Administration degree for under $10,000 tuition, an incredibly low cost. This means by joining AIMS first it’s an added savings of 15% off the standard program tuition.

    If you enroll in either program, I will be your instructor for your first course. This is a great chance for us to get to know each other and share ideas and insights. You will also see me again at the end of the program as I assist you with your final MBA or DBA project, business plan, or dissertation.

    Enrollment is subject to the university admission policies, standards, and other requirements. You should visit Online College Degrees William Howard Taft University right away for the full details."​

    Info starts around the 4th paragraph down: W. Edwards Deming School of Business

    AIMS Membership is $65 a year.
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    Thanks, I'll forward the info! When it comes to foreign medical credentials (MBBS, etc), I don't believe NACES evaluations are adequate nor qualified since there is a US congressional mandate for the ECFMG to "protect the public health interests" in regards to ascertaining medical training equivalency. Many of these foreign physicians go from High School to Physician/Surgeon in 6 years unlike the US system where you earn a bachelor's degree then MD.
  15. dlady

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    Okay. If I can help let me know!

  16. proffy

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    Aw... I'm probably too late, even though I'm hoping otherwise (since these two deals were offered for only a "limited time"). :(

    Does anyone know if these two deals are still in play?
  17. Johann

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    At least one deal is gone - the ultra-inexpensive Taft MBA, but there IS some good news here, all gleaned from the static of other degree fora:

    "I think Taft has discontinued its MBA tuition special deal. The school now seems to be charging $225/s.h. for a total tuition of $8,100 ...."

    "Western Governors University offers an MBA (in IT management) which can potentially be completed in 1 year, for about ~$6,000 (WGU is both RA and NA)"

    "New Charter University (formerly Andrew Jackson University) offers an MBA which can potentially be completed in 1 year, for about ~$4,000 (New Charter is NA DETC)"

    It seems the trick is to complete these programs in a quick time-frame. New Charter charges around 1300-1400 a term, so if you can earn 12 credits a term...there you go! Pretty much the same sort of arrangement with WGU. Speed-learning!

  18. Anthony Pina

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    Which contradicts what the U.S. Department of Education has to say about the degrees: http://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ous/international/usnei/us/doctorate.doc
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    Kids with MBBS Undergrad degree in India are allowed to practice Medicine and called as"Doctors".
    Beware Medical Tourists.
  20. Jonathan Whatley

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    Er, twentysomething "kids" in Australia and the U.K. and others with MBBS degrees are allowed to practice medicine and are called doctors (subject to in-service training requirements similar to North American "internship" and "residency"). This isn't an inherently invalid or dangerous way to organize medical education.

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