Who will take Westwood College credits?

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  1. Gonzo

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    Thanks for all the info it has been a big help, after doing some more research has only confirmed my suspicions about Westwood they are over charging, I’ll have to file this under lesion learned. I do find it disheartening that most of the online schools I have been researching have had really bad reputations but none as bad as Westwood but most of those complaints had time stamps of 2007.
  2. Abner

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    Don't feel bad, at least you learned the truth before completing the whole program. I think you are looking to complete your four degree, correct? If so, you should consider Aspen University, my alma mater. They provide good challenging education, have great professors, and you can't beat the prices. Something to think about. You can check them out at" www.aspen.edu My wife is currently completing her four year degree with AU since I liked it so much.

    See ya Gonz, keep up the school work man!

    Abner :)
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  3. Chip

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    One of the common mistakes people are making is associating "online schools" with "for profit schools" and "overcharging."

    There are lots of really great distance learning programs run by bricks-and-mortar nonprofit schools, often at very reasonable prices. Unfortunately, since their prices are sometimes 60% less than the for-profits, they don't have that extra 40% to spend on advertising, so you never hear about them.

    If you search our archive, you should find a lot of good options that will be worth looking into :)
  4. Abner

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    Exactly! Last week I was in Sacto, and some Higher Ed bozo went off about the evils of all for profits. I set his ass straight. Yes, some for profits basically rob students of their money, or saddle them with high interest rates, but you cannot say ALL.

    Abner :)
  5. rickyjo

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    One thing I've tried to take to heart is the danger of superlative statements, and worse, superlative thinking. It goes against my nature to deprive myself of that clarity, but rarely am I proven correct when I allow it. I believe examples of my tendencies and their results are available on this very board (but please don't go find them):).

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