Who will take Westwood College credits?

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    I'm currently going to Westwood College online going for a B.S. in Information security and have 62 credits. I know sense Westwood is a nationally accredited college and that regionally accredited colleges will not accept my credits or even look them over to see if they transfer, but I have seen some posts on other sites stating that some R/A will take them but those were from three years ago. Does anyone have any experience with transferring N/A credits to an R/A school; If so which school will take them?

    The reason I’m asking is that Westwood is just too damn simple I could have skipped all my finals and still have gotten a passing grade plus the cost does not match the education. Or can anyone recomend a good online school I work 50+ hours a week so a brick and mortar school will not work.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    I worked 50+ hours a week while finishing off the final 51 credits of my B.S. through online and night/weekend classes from a solid brick and mortor school. I also squeezed in two military deployments in the 19 months it took to do this.

    Don't overlook the DL programs through brick and mortor schools.
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    Hmmm, I know Excelsior will often take DETC credits after review; however, I'm not certain about the other national accrediting agencies, I've looked up a quote from their website that looks optimistic. I would start there.

    "In accordance with Excelsior College policies and procedures, students may appeal for consideration of degree-level credit from non-regionally accredited schools by Excelsior College faculty."

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    Another option would be to just transfer to another NA school that costs less like Penn Foster. They have ACE reviewed courses and if you stick to those you will have little trouble transferring to RA later. I love ACE and everything they've done for distance education. I heartily condone NA combined with ACE as a cheap alternative to RA.

    Finally, I feel like one of our members had said that Clovis CC took some NA credit but I cannot find the thread and I'm not 100% sure, I think it may have been B4? If anybody knows about this please comment. This is a two year institution so I don't know if it will help you, just a thought.
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    Transfer the coursework over to Aspen U. You will get a good education, and save a whole bucket load of money.

    Abner :)

    Oops, my bad. I just noticed you said transfer NA to RA. In that case, you might want hit Excelsior.

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    I know Liberty will because they talk about NA and RA credits in one of their orientation videos. They also mention NA credits in their catalog under transfer credits.
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  10. -kevin-

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    I still think there will be no problem with using those credits. Anyone know how credits from a school in this status?
  12. -kevin-

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    my understanding is that accreditation of the degree follows the school from the time of graduation. But in reality most folks would never look back if a school has achieved accreditation. We've discussed this issue a good bit. The no man's land is waiting on the off chance a school achieves RA status prior to a student graduating. In this case waiting until 2011 on an accreditation gamble might not be as good an option as transfering to a known RA school before expending a significant amount of energy on classes with limited utility from a non RA school.
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  14. John Bear

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    This can't help. Lead story in the Chronicle of Higher Education this week:

    In Lawsuits, Former Students Accuse Westwood College of Widespread Deception
    By Goldie Blumenstyk
    Long before it was spotlighted in a U.S. Senate hearing last week as an example of aggressive and misleading recruiting tactics at for-profit institutions, Westwood College "flourished in the unscrupulous culture of the for-profit college industry," say former students in two separate lawsuits filed on Wednesday.

    The college and its top executives "engage in deceptive trade practices at every step of the process from recruitment to postgraduate job placement," claim the lawsuits, one of which was filed in federal court in Colorado and the other in a state court in California. College officials "follow a simple formula: Recruit those with the greatest financial need and enroll them in high-cost institutions to maximize the amount of federal funding" they receive, the lawsuits say.

    In a written statement sent to The Chronicle Thursday night, Westwood officials strongly denied the allegations.

    [Article at:
    ]Former Students Accuse Westwood College of Widespread Deception - Administration - The Chronicle of Higher Education
  15. John Bear

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    Acceptance of distance/online degrees: the need for research

    The matter of acceptance of degrees from one school by another school is one of the most important issues in this field, and, oddly, one in which so very little is known.

    In 2OOO, I invested several thousand dollars in doing some preliminary research in which hundreds of registrars reported on whether they, in effect, accepted various kinds of degrees (nationally accredited, state-approved, etc.] always, usually, sometimes, rarely, or never.

    Basic relevant finding then was that about 4O% of regionally accredited schools accepted nationally accredited degrees always or usually, and 4O% rarely or never.

    But . . . not only have things undoubted changed over the years, but there is much more that can be learned: the relevance of ACE-validated courses, difference among various fields of study, and so on.

    These data can be learned, but it will take considerable time and money to find out. What a fine Master's or Doctoral research project this would make.

    Alternatively, if I were involved with a distance or online program, I would make every effort to learn about this level of acceptance and make the results known.

    Indeed, that is what I did during the nine years I was involved with the Edinburgh Business School/Heriot-Watt University distance MBA. One of the first things we did was to survey 5O major US universities to learn if this MBA would be acceptable to them, for transfer, entry into a doctoral program, hiring, etc.
  16. b4cz28

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    Dr. Bear how do other RA schools treat schools that are in candidacy status?
  17. Abner

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    H. Dr. Bear (Oso - Bear spirit)

    The Edinburgh Business School/Heriot-Watt University distance MBA still perplexes me. I like because it is unorthodox. People like you have helped/help bring distance learning to the forefront.

    If someone mentioned distance learning ten years ago, people would make a scrunched up face like they just ate a big ol 3 pound burrito packed with red hot jalapenos (bien caliente). Usuallly you would hear "Oh, ya mean one of them there correspondence schools?". Now DL is becoming more and more commonplace. The issue for all of us should not really be NA RA in the real world, it should be discrimination against DL. But I digress, let me give an example of how DL is infiltrating the work place at high levels. My friend Diane works as a top level executive. She has her pick of companies, and names her money price. Roughly here are her credentials: Bellvue online - BS, MBA, NCU - PhD. So where am I going wth all this? She does not care, nor does she even screen to see if someone has studied via dl or B&M. She has no idea about NR or RA. I tried to explain to her, and she just didn't give a shite. To her, as long as the applicants school shows up in the "big black book" showing recognition.

    So finally, what hapened? A DL disciple enists more DL disciples, and thus the world of DL is elevated. - Simple.

    Just my two cents. Keep up the good work Dr. Bear "Espiritus Oso".

    "Once, bears are considered equal with humans".
    Hagakure - Th Book of the Samurai - Yamamoto Tsunetomo

  18. Abner

    Abner Well-Known Member

    Thanks Dr. Bear

    Another thing. Thanks for that letter you did for me a year ago. I presented it before a committee/board a week ago. That letter put it over the top!!!!!!!!

    Abner :)
  19. Worldbound

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    I would recommend looking into Bellevue University.
  20. ELIAS

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    I know of some who finish their B.S. undergraduate course work then are accepted into an RA graduate program. You might want to consider that option just to wrap up your degree then obtain your graduate degree RA accredited. Just a thought, or research the other postings on this forum regarding the transfer of credits. If I am not mistaken look into AMU APU and search under transfer credit on their search bar and you will find that they do take DETC credits. I hope you find your path to higher education.

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