Who are these guys?

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    Repeated e-mails from me never got any reply, but that could be for any number of reasons.

    I share Rich's caution about it for the reasons he listed.

    Thanks, Trevor, for your good information, and welcome aboard!
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    As I just see, there has been a recent discussion about this "school" on one of the other discussion forums.

    It was pointed out, that a former instantdegrees.com buyer, who then bought from St.Regis and ended up as a str.regis professor, recently started claiming a phd from Empresarial. Without further comment.
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    Re: Re: free charter

    Dr. Rich,

    Yes, no and everything to the contrary. The free charter status allows them to offer as many programs as they like so long as they adhere to the minimum education status allowed at that degree award level.

    A CR charter is granted before any degree granting program is recognized. So the charter of the university is one thing and the degree granting programs are another.

    I hope this has served to confuse you even more than before.

    I remain,


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    Re: Re: Re: free charter


    Actually, this is clear. What is not clear is whether or not Empresarial has such a charter for their doctoral degrees. They still look like they've franchised that out to some Americans who run it from the U.S.
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    Ok, according to my friend in Costa Rica, if a university does not follow their approved charter than they will be in violation under CONUSEP’S code of charters. They will be reprimanded by either being placed on probation or having the recognition of the university nullified. My friend mentioned that UNEM has had issues in the past. They have been under new ownership and management (Dr William Zamora) for the last 2 years and have rectified code violations. They are currently trying to grow the university with the addition of satellite campuses in South America. I still think that with all the DL programs available in the USA, you should be cautious in enrolling in a foreign university that has not yet proved itself, plus it is relatively expensive. We also don’t really know what their charter defines. Perhaps this is in the public records; I will try to find out.

    He also mentioned something that I thought was extremely interesting – “CONUSEP has put the lid on any development of new private universities in Cost Rica”. He mentioned that Devry University has purchased InterAmerican University of Costa Rica for around 20 million US dollars (sorry if this is old news). It appears that CONUSEP has created a huge barrier to entry in private education.
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    If UNEM is not real, IAU (UNESCO) should also be considered fake.
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    If you look at sandra's posting history it seems clear that she's only interested in promoting degree mills.
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    If you look exactly, Kizmet is posting the same in threads where I have posted.

    I asked about IT certifications (Cisco, MS) also..and can anyone consider that as promoting degree mills?

    It is a discussion forum and why not am I allowed to air my views?
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    No one has stopped you from posting.
  11. When a five-year-old thread is resurrected, does an angel get its wings?
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    I have taken three classes taught by this guy. I wonder if he still posts on here. He kicked butt and had a ton of great CJ knowledge!

    Just to add something.....he has a NA undergrad and got a teaching job so it can be done. But he is a cheif of police so the exprence is there...sorry for the thread jacking.
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    Every time you post an angel gets its wings. :You_Rock_Emoticon:
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    Oh, and one could probably gain UNESCO approval for the American Academy Of Burping the Alphabet Backwards.

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