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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by friendorfoe, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. friendorfoe

    friendorfoe Active Member

    I was looking at the CSU (Columbia Southern) faculty page and noticed one of them had a doctorate from http://www.unem.edu/

    Is this a legit school or what Dr. Bear would call "non-wonderful"?
  2. c.novick

    c.novick New Member

    Columbia Southern University is nationally accredited by the DETC. They are as "legit" as any other accredited school.

  3. friendorfoe

    friendorfoe Active Member

    I know about CSU...I'm speaking of the school in the link.
  4. c.novick

    c.novick New Member

    My apologies - I misread your post. :) Interesting question.
  5. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    As a reminder that I don't know everything yet . . . I've really never been able to get a clear handle on Empresarial, not for lack of trying. It will be interesting to see how Nixon and M. Bear handle them in the imminent 16th edition.
  6. davidhume

    davidhume New Member

    Their website says:

    "The Fundación Empresarial de Costa Rica was founded in 1995.

    Universidad Empresarial de Costa Rica received approval of its charter from the Consejo Nacional de Enseñanza Superior Universitaria Privada (CONESUP) of the Costa Rican Ministry of Education, during Session number 336-97 which met on 5 November 1997.

    UNEM is listed with the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) International Association of Universities' World List of Universities and International Handbook of Universities and other international directories. "

    This 'appears' to be a legitimate school. Why should it be open to question?
  7. friendorfoe

    friendorfoe Active Member

    Well...first off it is a Costa Rican school, with an english website...I assume to cater to prospective english speaking students. Secondly, their alumni list is mighty short...not that this is a bad thing, just unusual...lastly, "government approved" normally throws up a red flag.

    They may be 100% legit, in which case I am sorry if anyone is offended by my ignorace, but it IS an interesting school.
  8. philosophicalme

    philosophicalme New Member

    It seems quite expensive, too :)
  9. tcnixon

    tcnixon Active Member

    Unfortunately, I can assure you, we still have no clue. I have never been able to get enough solid information, one way or the other, to figure out what is going on in that situation.

    Tom Nixon
  10. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    This school pops up on the DI radar once in awhile.

    I once contacted the Costa Rican embassy regarding Empresarial. They said it was a recognized university, but only through the master's.

    Simultaneously, all contact with them regarding their doctoral programs was with an agent of theirs in the U.S. (Georgia, IIRC).

    At the time, I got a real MIGS/CEU kind of feeling, that the main campus allowed some people to operate this entity. University and government officials back home wouldn't interfere, and the U.S.-based people would run the school.

    It isn't at all clear whether or not doctorates from Empresarial should be treated as those coming from schools recognized at a GAAP-level. As John points out, it's really hard to get a handle on them. (Of course, that alone should tell you something.)

    Of course, all of this might have changed in the last few years, but their website looks almost the same. Oh, and the phone number has a 506 area code, which rings in New Brunswick, I believe. And the mailing address used is a post office box, not the physical address of the university. And the description of how to find the "foundation" sounds like a residential address. And there's no faculty listed. And prices are quoted in U.S. dollars (despite their claim of being in Costa Rica and operating other programs in Latin America). And they only receive funds via bank transfer. And there's no faculty listed. And there's almost no administration listed, except for the names of a couple of contacts. And so on.
  11. friendorfoe

    friendorfoe Active Member

    So a potentially well regulated mill........ :D

    Dang...did I say that out loud? Please excuse the brain fart.
  12. trevor D

    trevor D New Member

    506 is the area code for Costa Rica, but don't forget to dial 011 out of the US.:)
  13. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

  14. trevor D

    trevor D New Member

    I forgot to mention that they also have a Costa Rican URL - www.unem.ac.cr
  15. bullet

    bullet New Member

    free charter

    costa rican schools are allowed to "free charter" their education.

    UNEM does appear on the gov education website.
  16. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Re: free charter

    What does this mean? Does it mean schools are free to offer whatever degrees they wish?
  17. trevor D

    trevor D New Member

    Private universities in Costa Rica enjoy a certain degree of autonomy that stems from their University Charter. Before a University is approved by CONUSEP it must submit a University Charter and at least two degree programs that follow this charter and guidelines set forth by CONUSEP. Let’s just hope that the autonomy they enjoy has some appropriate checks and balances.

    My friend who is a dean at the Universidad Metodista de Costa Rica was kind enough to enlighten me with this information. I hope this helps a little.
  18. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Again, does this mean they can, under CONUSEP, create other degree programs beyond what was in their charter? For example, could a school set up offering bachelor' and master's degrees, then add doctorates later on?

    The problems with Empresarial go far beyond mere degree-granting authority, of course. But even this basic concept remains unclear.
  19. trevor D

    trevor D New Member

    Great Question! I don’t have a definitive answer. I’m assuming that embedded in their charter, there may be bylaws regarding the creation of new programs. I will try and clarify that pertinent point.
  20. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Trevor. As I said in an earlier post (and have posted about over the years), the Costa Rican embassy said Empresarial was a recognized university, but only through the master's.

    Plus there are all of those other CEU/MIGS-style warning signs.

    Looking forward to what you find out....

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