What's the best school for an MBA?

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by BillSimmons, Jun 19, 2013.

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    Yes MBA was much easier but I woudl that have thought this was to be expected, though surprizedme. I attended a good school in my opinon for MBA, brick and mortar school, while my MA was completely on line. The MA required much more thought and research.The MBA classes helpful in that there were some prodessors who were actually in business. For example Corporate Financial Reporting class helpful but really couldnt be considered that challenging (professor was from Deloitte). Though I admit since I was in business I didnt have extreme amount of patience for academics.
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    Really, Ted? I think you're exaggerating just a bit. There are 60.44 rupees to the US Dollar today. Madurai Kamaraj (US) charges $1,200 an academic year for undergrad study, $1,800 a year for most Master's programs. Yes - more than at their Indian campus, where your degree would still come from, but still a very low fee in Western terms.


    I don't think your statement applies to anywhere near all Indian Universities. This one below, fully UGC, AICTE, DEC and everything else, offers (wordwide) Bachelor's for around $1,700 complete, and complete Master's degree tuition around the $2,000 mark. It's run by a Roman Catholic religious order.

    Assam Don Bosco University

    My point: Yes, there's often a premium, but I think you've exaggerated it. And "real" degrees are often available at a fraction of Western prices. Sometimes it's a rather small fraction, too! :smile:

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    BTW - I'm OK with Indian Universities charging foreigners a premium -- it helps keep prices affordable for the domestic market. Universities and colleges in Canada do that, too. I hear Urdu, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, etc. here every day. They're welcome. They pay a ton of tuition and help keep domestic tuition down -- a bit.

    I notice many Americans come to our universities too. Their numbers are up 50% in recent years. Education is generally good-quality here -- and by-and-large MUCH cheaper than in the US.

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    Yes, Madurai Kamaraj University charges $1,800 a year to Americans and other rich Westerners and 1,800 rupees a year to Indians and other people from poor countries.
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    No, they don't.

    Comparing oranges to oranges, a year of Distance MBA study at the Indian "In-State" rate (Tamil Nadu) is 20,000 rupees. That's $333.91, or a bit more than one-sixth of the $1,800 charged by Madurai Kamaraj US. Some degrees are cheaper. But no program I could see cost what you quoted. Nearest I could find was 2500 rupees per year for some undergrad programs that cost $1200 per year in US. See for yourself.

    As I said before, I'm fine with the difference, as long as it helps keep costs low for Indian students.


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    Babson College is known as the best business school in Boston area, especially know for entrepreneurship education.
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    That's a huge stretch. Babson is great for entrepreneurship but is easily only the fifth best business school in the Boston metro area behind Harvard, MIT, BC and BU. Babson is on par with Bentley.
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    Just noticed, Steve. The rather sparse Bharathiar U.S. page shares the same rubric "Tamil University USA" with Madurai Kamaraj USA site. Both are run by the same person - Dr. Selvin Kumar. No course listing or tuition rates on the Bharathiar US site, yet.

    A two-fer! :smile:

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    No, but you can email him. He's friendly.
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    This question depends hugely on what you plan on doing with the degree. When deciding to go back to school, I knew that I was interested in gaining entrepreneurial skills . This meant that Babson College was the best program for me, as they have a comprehensive focus on entrepreneurship.

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