What schools have you attended?

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  1. me again

    me again Well-Known Member

    As a military brat and as a military man, I have "been around" and have had an opportunity to attend many different schools, to include:

    1. Northern Virginia Community College
    2. Virginia Commonwealth University
    3. Columbia Union College
    4. Los Angeles Valley College
    5. California State University - L.A.
    6. Central Texas College
    7. University of Central Texas
    8. University of Phoenix
    9. International College
    10. University of South Florida

    That's 10 different schools (and counting). :)

    Anyone got me beat? ;)
  2. agilham

    agilham New Member

    Lord, no!

    Warwick, UEA, Sussex and Aberystwyth as a student. Glasgow and Oxford as staff. At least one more for the MBA (unless I decide to go to SBS), so I'll stall on 7.

    On the other hand, my list of rejection letters from US universities when I wanted an interview for a faculty post as I was coming to the end of my PhD is *much* bigger! I think I gave up when I got to 31 and had enough letters to wallpaper my toilet ;-)

  3. wfready

    wfready New Member

    Six schools:

    Broward Community College
    Honolulu Community College
    Chaminade University
    Excelsior College
    Troy State University
    Embry Riddle University

  4. Jack Tracey

    Jack Tracey New Member

    Hey Bruce - Once upon a time I took some classes at Boston State College. Remember that place? It was down on Huntington Ave, closer to S. Huntington than Kenmore Square. I'm pretty sure they closed that school and turned it into a part of the Massachusetts College of Art. Is that right?
    BTW, I also took classes at UMass-Boston, UMass-Amherst, and BU in addition to my degrees from Harvard and Simmons. This is also my opportunity to mention my Associates degree from Wentworth Institute of Technology. Counting my current school (where I don't really "take courses") that makes eight.
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  5. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Besides my sig file, I've attended the following (in no particular order):

    Western New England College
    Northeastern University
    Middlesex Community College
    University of Phoenix
    Defense Language Institute
    Community College of the Air Force (AAS in Ed. Methodology and Admin)
    Chapman University
    Webster University

    And, of course, more than 150 s.h. in testing credits.

    I've taught (or mentored students) at 6 universities as well, along with three corporations and the military.
  6. gmanmikey

    gmanmikey New Member

    I have attended the following schools:

    1. University of Illinois
    2. Oakton Community College
    3. DeVRY Institute of Technology
    4. Harry S Truman College
    5. Illinois Institute of Technology
  7. atraxler

    atraxler New Member

  8. Charles

    Charles New Member

    Besides my sig file, I have completed courses at the following:

    Delaware Technical and Community College
    Saint Joseph's College, Rensselaer, Indiana
    National University
    University of Maryland University College
    University of South Africa
    Ockenga Institute, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (non-credit )
    Alliance for Lifelong Learning, an online learning alliance among Oxford, Stanford, and Yale Universities. (non-credit)
    Various service schools, Navy correspondence courses, and Navy E-Learning courses.
  9. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator


    Boston State became irrelevant after UMass-Boston started up, but I believe the two did co-exist for a number of years.

    For the first six years of my career (1988-94), I was on the Boston Housing Police, and the Mission Hill projects are right across the street from the Mass College of Art. I can't tell you how many reports I had to take where the victim of a car theft or robbery was a Mass College of Art student. :D
  10. Vinipink

    Vinipink Accounting Monster

    I have the following schools:

    Inter American University of PR
    American University of PR
    Caribbean University of PR
    Univerisdad Metropilitana of PR (UMET)
    University of Phoenix(PR Campus)
    Troy State University
    St. Thomas University
    Upper Iowa University


    Northcentral University
    California Pacific University
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  11. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    13 and counting:
    Bolton Institute, UK
    U of Hertfordshire, UK
    Penn State U, PA
    U of Lowell, MA
    Skyline CC, CA
    Cãnada CC, CA
    UC Berkeley
    San Jose State. CA
    U of Redlands, CA
    Harbor CC, CA
    Los Angeles CC District (TV courses)
    USNY/Excelsior (no classes but used those above for my BSLS)
    Cal Poly, CA
    UC Riverside

    The U of Redlands classes were taught through an organization that later became the University of Phoenix (all tough classes).
  12. me again

    me again Well-Known Member

    I only included schools / classes of a collegiate level. NCU's LS6010 should count as a preparatory non-credit course. :eek: ;)

    Wow, Ian Anderson appears to be the winner, having attended 13 different schools!!! :D
  13. atraxler

    atraxler New Member

    Wow! That bad, uh?

    So, does that mean UOP is no longer the worse school you ever attended? ;)
  14. me again

    me again Well-Known Member


    The teaching methodology at UoP cannot be compared to the lack of a teaching methodology at NCU. Also, UoP has X number of student-contacts, which is crucial for maintaining it's RA status. How is NCU getting around this?

    Wow, this NCU thing is following me around, like stink on s---. It's sort of like when you poke your walking stick in it and then try to shake it off --> but it still stinks. Then you need to throw the stick away and find another one. :eek: ;)
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  15. onlinephd

    onlinephd New Member

    5 4 me

    Manhattan College
    Columbia University
    Stevens Institute of Technology
    Warwick Business School
    University of Massachusetts - Amherst
  16. jcryan

    jcryan New Member

    My rap sheet totals 11 and growing:

    University of Massachusetts
    Greenfield Community College
    Holyoke Community College
    Humboldt State University
    Sierra College
    Bastyr University
    Ocean County College
    Lancaster University
    Athabasca University
    Excelsior College
    Central Queensland University

  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Only one institution of higher learning for me:

    Trinity College & University.
  18. oxpecker

    oxpecker New Member

    St. Regis
    St. Regis
    St. Regis
    St. Regis
    St. Regis
    St. Regis
    St. Regis
    St. Regis
    St. Regis
    St. Regis
    St. Regis
  19. Jack Tracey

    Jack Tracey New Member

    So oxpecker, I hope you got a volume discount.
  20. irat

    irat New Member

    courses at

    U. of VT
    Fl. State U.
    Community College of VT
    Johnson State College (not in Texas)
    Caselton State College
    Norwich U.
    Capella U.
    St. Michaels College
    plus hundreds of workshops put on by numerous educational institutions.

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