What is information?

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    An amazing and counter-intuitive set of discoveries. Information has a minimum "size" in the physical universe, it seems, and that has effects on everything from telecommunications theory to black holes. I read recently, in a mostly non-technical source, that noise is the limit of the bandwidth of any path. I have only the vaguest dim light as to what that means but this guy worked it all out. If I ever come back after this life I want to study physics and math.
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    Probably I'll be a paramecium in my next life, though.
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    Be careful what you wish for. I hear it's a tough market out there, for paramecia. I want to come back as a fully-qualified, professional mecium. No para-nonsense. The pay is much better -and the para-types do all the day-to-day slogging, so you don't have to...

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    So you'd join the mainstream mecia?
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    I'm here all week, folks.
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    We have a winner!
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    Message is conveyed by a set of words is information.
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    You see? That article needed all those words and asjiu only needed 10.

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