What exactly is a ‘small’ doctorate (PhDr)?

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    Well, it's a doctorate by name, but not by Bologna classification. The point is, the Bologna classification system only counts research doctorates as third-cycle degrees.

    That's technically true, but this form of recognition actually just means that you can use the degree on business cards. The problem is that there is no German counterpart to this degree. That's why in Germany the PhDr. is only recognized as a second-cycle degree, just like the Magistr degree.
  2. Messdiener

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    Does that make the PhDr something like an "Advanced Master's" that I've seen some universities advertise?

    I wonder how UK, Canadian, and US FCE services would look on such a degree? Anyone seen any examples yet?
  3. SamSam

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    This actually sounds like a rigorous program, even a bit tougher than some research-only PhDs in the UK and other parts of the world that don’t require coursework . I wonder why PhDr students don’t just upgrade their program to the more commonly known PhD.

    So it is a rightful academic title included in the official education framework of its perspective countries that allows PhDr holders to call themselves a “Doctor” there or in German-speaking countries but not in the US?

    Oh, this is a new topic. To me, those titles sound like full doctorates and I assume they should be regarded as such everywhere?

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  4. SamSam

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    Me, too. I found this school, Metropolitan University in Prague, that offers the PhDr program by the name of Rigorosum Proceedings, but it doesn’t seem to be an online program:

    The program seems to be no joke. It even requires you to submit your Master’s dissertation as a part of the application process. Which brings me to my first question, can ‘coursework’ Master holders enroll in these PhDr programs?

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  5. tadj

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    For the UK, the Czech/Slovak small doctorate (PhDr.) was once seen as equivalent to an MPhil degree (Master of Philosophy). But I am not sure whether the persent-day www.enic.org.uk still maintains this degree evaluation policy. As for Canada and the U.S., I've asked a few evaluators but never received a straight answer. It was always 'we need to take a look at it' type of a response. I am guessing that it would either be equivalent to a Master's degree, or seen as a qualification that does not have any degree equivalency within these systems, the latter being a more likely result. The Czechs insist that it is an advanced Master's type of a degree. You might have more evaluation luck in countries that have degrees that are equivalent to an advanced Master's degree.
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  6. tadj

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    The Polish NAWA agency (currently responsible for foreign degree evaluation in my country) says the following about the PhDr. degree in its 2023 guide to Czech higher education:

    "Small doctorate

    Holders of a university degree (uniform or second degree) who want to deepen their knowledge in a previously studied field can take the advanced State examination ("rigorózní"). After successfully defending an extended thesis (advanced Master's thesis), but without completing additional studies, they are awarded one of the of the following titles (academic degrees):

    Natural Sciences Doktor přírodních věd RNDr.
    Pharmaceutical sciences Doktor pharmacie PharmDr.
    Humanities, pedagogical and social sciences Doktor philosophie PhDr.
    Legal Sciences Doktor Práv JUDr.
    Theological sciences Licenciát teologie
    Doktor Teológie ThDr.

    NOTE: The "small doctorate" has no equivalent in Poland, so it is not subject to formal recognition."

    It looks like the PhDr. replaced the PaedDr. in Czechia, but not in Slovakia.
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  7. mintaru

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    The Master's degree must be equivalent to a Czech or Slovak Master's degree. Master's degrees in these two countries always include a thesis. Therefore, I doubt that ‘coursework’ Master holders can enroll in these programs.
  8. Rich Douglas

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    If you're going to get a foreign credential evaluation, take it to WES. They're evaluate it as equivalent to, oh, I don't know, a ham sandwich. Or something.
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    Only a generic ham sandwich? I was hoping for something branded. Maybe a Starbucks or Panera panini!
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    I love this DI. Thanks for sharing, and I gained some new knowledge.
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  11. AsianStew

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    Hmm, missed this thread earlier... For me, I think the 'small doctoral' degree is similar to the Ed.S, it's a specialist degree sandwiched in between a Masters and a Doctoral...
  12. Johann

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    Pretty much. Somewhat like an ENEB master's, in that somebody, somewhere, has compared it to just about everything. It's a 3rd cycle award but not a doctorate, says the Bologna process. It's been compared to a UK M. Phil. at one point, but that was a while ago. It's pretty difficult to earn, for a non-doctorate, with an up-to-50,000 word thesis, defense and the Rigorosum exam, which is no joke - at all.

    I would really respect one of these - as long as it wasn't counterstamped by some low-level mercenary Mexi-Costaraguan outfit.

    And, as @Rich Douglas says, from WES you might get a ham sandwich. I think it should be a super-deluxe one, with ingredients like goat cheese, arugula, pepper jam, real Dijon mustard etc. Maybe something like this one - https://barefeetinthekitchen.com/best-ham-sandwich-recipe/ It's not an ordinary degree - so don't settle for an ordinary sandwich. :)
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  13. cacoleman1983

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    I’m thinking some evaluators like IEE would evaluate this small doctorate similarly to a propio. Probably a postgraduate certificate/diploma or maybe just continuing education at the postgraduate level. If WES or ECE gives it an evaluation, it would likely be as a Masters as I can see them viewing it like a professional doctorate that is less than a research doctorate.
  14. Rich Douglas

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    But a professional doctorate IS a research doctorate. It is the purpose of that research that is different.

    The actual distinction is between a professional doctorate and a scholarly doctorate. The former advances practice and the latter advances scholarship (by either creating or testing theory). But both are rooted in research and make original contributions (again, to either practice or scholarship).

    This is why WES is filled with incompetent idiots.

    My PhD was a scholarly doctorate by definition, even though I feel I did a professional doctorate. My DSocSci was a scholarly doctorate (equal to the PhD according to the university), even though WES thought it was a professional doctorate. I'm all over this issue. WES misses it entirely.
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    I can't stand WES honestly! Currently my partner has a WES evaluation that was declined by our local community college so we had to improvise as me being an educator of record to explain and revise the evaluation when WES refused to revise it. Now he wants to transfer to a university and I am hoping they don't take WES's official evaluation as a reason to give less credits than what the community college gave him after my revision.

    But yeah if they are giving professional doctorates a Masters equivalent, they would likely do the same with the PhDr degree although I can see them refusing to evaluate it as well. The idea of professional doctorates being evaluated as Masters degrees is maddening.
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  16. cacoleman1983

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    I'm connected with the CEO of IEE on LinkedIn. He reached out to his evaluation team to get confirmation of how IEE would evaluate the Czech/Slovak "small doctorate".

    His message was:
    "It appears that there is no real consensus on the US equivalency. Some resources say it's only Master's level study but it requires a Master's degree for entry. Our staff concluded that it would be Doctoral level study but more than likely short of a Ph.D. equivalency. Each would require research into the particular program requirements at the institutional level. So it might count as Doctoral level study but short of the degree equivalency by IEE."
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  17. Lerner

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    malý doktorát
    in Czech or Slovakia - closer in translation to Junior Doctorate, - Russian Candidate Degree vs Doctor Nauk Degree

    It can be viewed as First professional Degree equivalent in the USA.

    In order to evaluate properly, it is required to review entry requirements, Academic work, and if possible to quantify in credits, not always the case.

    I will not be surprised if some strict evaluators will view this as Post Graduate Diploma
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