What area(s) did you earn your degree(s) and why?

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  1. chrisjm18

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    I am just curious about your degree majors and the reason(s). Also, do you think someone who majors in various (sometimes unrelated disciplines) is a jack of all trades and master of none?

    I earned my B.S. in Criminal Justice and AAS in Security Management. Next, I earned an MBA in General Management. Initially, I was pursuing an Ed.D. in Leadership. A certain VP at the university I was working said something along the line that I was a "jack of all trades." Anyway, I ended up dropping the Ed.D., not because of what he said, but because I was really passionate about criminal justice. So, I earned my M.S. in Criminal Justice. Finally, my Ph.D. in Criminal Justice. I think that a lot of people pursue their graduate degree(s) in a different discipline than their undergraduate degree. To some, this is essential to survive in today's professional work.

    So, what's your story?
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  2. Dustin

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    I got my 2 year Social Service Worker diploma because I wanted to become a Clinical Psychologist.

    I then decided that I would be a better Accountant than a Psychologist. So I started a 2 year Accounting diploma. But during my 4th semester I was offered a job as a crisis line program manager so I dropped out and took the 1 year Business Fundamentals certificate as a consolation prize.

    Then I transferred to Athabasca to get my Bachelor's in Human Services because I wanted to get into an MSW or MS in Counseling Psychology.

    Then I realized I wanted to get into Data Science. I had applied to my MBA and the MS in Data Science at about the same time, and got into both so that's how I ended up with those degrees.
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    "A Jack of All Trades Is a Master of None" is generally used as an insult.

    The phrase was originally used to describe a playwright who was always hanging around the theatres. He would help with the stage, the set, and the costumes. He would remember lines and try directing. This so-called jack of all trades was in fact William Shakespeare.

    The full phrase is “a jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” It was a compliment.

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  4. Rich Douglas

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    AA, Liberal Arts: I just had to send in some test scores and a fee.
    AAS, Education Administration and Methodology: I didn't have to do anything extra for it.
    BS, Business: I wanted to manage a bowling alley
    BA, Concentration in Sociology: For the heck of it--I just had to take two exams
    MBA: It was the degree du jour back then
    PhD, Specialization in Nontraditional Higher Ed: I wanted to become an expert in this field
    Doctor of Social Science: I wanted to be an expert in my career field, human resource development

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