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    Old, old, thread but seeing Newlane get accreditation I also saw WISR on the list. They are pursuing accreditation through DEAC for what is now three programs: MS in Psychology (MFT and LPCC eligible), MS in Education and Community Leadership, and an EdD in Higher Education and Social Change (which I believe is their re-christened PhD.)

    Edit: Sorry, my wording was confusing. They are on the Applicants for Initial Accreditation ,not on the list of accredited schools. https://www.deac.org/Public-Notices/Institutions-To-Be-Considered.aspx
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    I consulted WISR for many years regarding their accreditation effort with DEAC. They were well into the ACICS process when that agency collapsed and had to start all over with DEAC.

    DEAC is a completely different animal. They require at least half the program be delivered by distance. They expect courses that are highly structured. And, as with most accreditors, everything is very subjective (despite huge checklists to comply with) and very much a moving target. But they're getting ready for their site visit soon, and they hope to be successful. WISR has been in continuous operation (and led by the same person) since 1975, and were California-Approved back when that meant something.

    But they're small and they don't charge a lot for tuition, so finances have been tough when it comes to accreditation. But they seem to have that licked--for DEAC, anyway; WASC wouldn't even consider them (even though they promised they would).

    (NB: My consulting work has been pro bono, including travel, and included making a presentation to their board in Berkeley and visits to both ACICS and DEAC in Washington, DC. I'm not actively working with them anymore--they don't really need my help at this point--but I'm still kept in the loop.)
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    Good on you, sir.
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    Labor of love. One of the very few times I actually put all of this (nontraditional higher education) to use.
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