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    Learner is writing the MOE of Whatever-STAN.

    If the letters are FAKE, then so is the rest.

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    Re: ??

    You're right but it will be fine if the reply from MOE is in the form of official letter rather than email.

    Also, I'm interesting in the Belgium educational system. Can you lead me more sources to have a look?
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    Have no idea about links for Belgium Education System.

    An e-mail from the MOE of whatever-STAN will be a good starting point.
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    To say nothing of the titles of nobility that WIDU's founder awards to world scientists and the aristocratic order that he claims to head as "Grand Master". This guy really seems to love titles, the more pompous the better.

    The California Academy of Sciences is very real and very valuable. I spent much of my youth in that wonderful place.


    Besides running their natural history museum in San Francisco, they do all kinds of research in systematic biology, sending expeditions all over the world to decribe new and exotic species of this and that. Their collections hold the type-specimins for some 40,000 different species.


    But it's a serious mistake for Eastern Europeans to imagine that membership in the California Academy of Sciences is a scientific honor. That's not what this organization is about and it isn't how it works.

    Membership in the Academy is open to everyone in the general public who wants to pay the membership fee. I was a member of the California Academy of Sciences myself for many years, which proves how insignificant membership is. It just means that you get free admission to events. If you attend lots of events, becoming a member is less expensive than paying admissions fees.


    On the other hand, being one of their scientific staff is rather impressive. But that's not the same thing as membership.

    I had no idea that prominent individuals in the Eastern European countries were using paid membership this fine and highly respected institution as a source of phony "honors" with which to mislead their countrymen.
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    I'm pretty sure it was the other similarly named entity. I'll try to run a web search on it.
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