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  1. Stanislav

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    So regions of Russian Federation now recognise degrees separately?

    This is certainly new, and runs contrary to the whole "Executive Vertical" Putin concept.
    Penza district is not even a "Republic".
  2. kcfile

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    It is very difficult to learn RF's educational systems and changes via internet since I do not understand the Russian language.

    Nevertheless, one more issue I'm interesting is the Belgian Royal Decree. It seems a thing like Royal Charter in UK granted by the Queen. Many UK educational institutes, e.g. ICA, ACCA, and some famous UK universities, like University of London, are set up under Royal Charter that is higher than those established by Parliament Acts in academic status. Therefore, if AEI was granted by Belgian Royal Decree, it should be empowered by the King and the gov't, not looking like a simple business licence mentioned earlier at this thread. Anyway, I don't know whether Belgian Royal Decree equals to UK Royal Charter or not!
  3. Lerner

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    Tatarstan has real ministry of education. like Yzbekistan and Azeibarjan etc.

    New Education Minister Appointed
    President Shaimiev signed on 2 August a decree to appoint Reis Sheikhelislamov Tatarstan's education minister, intertat.ru reported the same day. Sheikhelislamov, 53, an economics professor, has been heading Kazan State University's Chally branch. In 1992-97, he served as the head of the Chally administration education department. While introducing the new minister to the ministry employees on 2 August, Prime Minister Rustam Minnikhanov said, "The ministry will become main executor of projects of innovation education in Tatarstan. Renaming the institution into the Education and Science Ministry that had been proposed by the Tatar president will promote this."

    Recognition of this Ministry of Education is GAAP.

    The diplomas of Penza State University are recognized GAAP.
  4. uncle janko

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    Hi Learner: Check out the fave poetry thread in off-topic for a poem by P. Celan (also from Chernovtsy). In your post above I am sure you mean "honorary" degree. Regards, J.

    Hi KCFile: It's a business license unless the guy in the Belgian embassy was waffling when he talked to me. Check it yourself and see.
  5. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    Education chief pushes universities to set pp affiliates overseas
    MOSCOW - Export of Russian educational services will increase by no less than 1,000% in the next few years. The prediction was made yesterday by Vladimir Filippov, Russia's education minister, at a press conference on modernizing Russian education, Rosbalt reported. In the view of the minister, Russia earns far too little from export of educational services. 'The US earns approximately USD 433 million a year for training foreign students, while we make a total of USD 2-2.3 million,' he said.

    In his view, Russian higher education is entirely competitive in terms of the international educational market. 'We offer a very attractive package of quality and price,' Filippov noted. 'To make this [increase] a reality, we have to create a mechanism to guarantee the quality of education so that a Russian diploma from an institution of higher learning is accepted throughout the world,' the minister said.

    He believes that attracting foreign students to Russian higher education involves, 'not stepping up efforts to attract foreign students to come to our institutions of higher learning,but creation of our own network of daughter institutions of Russian universities and institutes abroad.' As teachers, the minister noted, it would be best to attract graduates of Russian institutions of higher learning. It will also be necessary to translate Russian curricula into foreign languages. Filippov is convinced that Russian education will be sought, first of all, in Third World countries-of Africa and Asia as well as in China. /RBC/

    creation of our own network of daughter institutions of Russian universities and institutes abroad.'
  6. Lerner

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    Republic of Armenia

    I think this is very interesting that they have Mangolia, tatarstan, Penza kray, Republic of Armenia recognitions.

    I don't think they have one in Moscow RF but with the above 4 this may be GAAP?

    Now WIDU is not WCU in Panama, but this affiliation may have some value, I could be wrong, but it looks that Armenia, Tatarstan, Mongolia etc will recognize such diploma.

    I sent email to Penza state and asked if they recognize for admitions WIDU and also WCU degrees with links from this tread.

    Any opinions?

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  7. kcfile

    kcfile New Member

    Learner, you're welcome to ask them and let us know further.
  8. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    State accreditation of non-university level higher education establishments is conducted by the state managerial bodies of the constituent parts of the Russian Federation (subjects of the Russian Federation) in charge of education on the territory of which these institutions are located, with the participation of the ministries concerned.

    i.e vocational education (nachalnoe professionalnoe obrazovanie);
    non-university level higher education (srednee professionalnoe obrazovanie);
    Educational institutions for non-university level higher education are generally known as Tekhnikums or Uchilishcha. Since 1989, a new type of institution has emerged, namely, the College. Colleges can be independent educational institutions or constituent parts of a university, academy, or institute. They offer educational programmes of non-university level higher education of advanced type as well as two-year programmes leading to the award of the Intermediate Diploma. At present, there are 679 colleges in the country.

    So for this level of education local comities responsible for education can accredit the schools.
    State Accreditation by local comity is sufficient.

    All the education above 2 yesr Associate or advanced Associate
    Vocational level degrees such as Tovaroved - 2 year vocational certificate from technikym, Technik Naladchik etc.

    This law was never changed or amended.
    No were in the law local comities in charge of education on the territory of which these institutions are located have the atority to accredit university level degrees.

    This is not kosher - the krasnodar kray

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  9. Stanislav

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    I think that "Professor" is the title they bestow and not nesessarily means involwement. Speaking about Prigogine: how much involvement do you think an elderly Belgian professor of Russian descent might have in this organization, giving the number of affiliations he already have? The guy strikes me as genious, bright even by the Nobel laureate's standards, but I doubt that he has anything to do with WIDU except for maybe accepting a certificate or two from them.
  10. kcfile

    kcfile New Member

    We don't know how much contribution they are involving in. However, if the institute is no value at all or even a flake organization, I believe they, as famous persons, even you and I, will not accept the title!
  11. bullet

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    business license kings


    Good move to contact the Ministry of Education directly to verify the recognition letter.

    If the letter(s) is/are fake, you can send the Ministry of Education the link and the address and telephone number and name(s) of the people to the Ministry and to the Russian Police.

    Also very important you can write to them in russian, so no mistakes are made and no one can deny they mis-understood the questions !!!!!!!!!

    Why not post a copy of your email and subsequent reply !

    Good move.

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  12. bullet

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    Is there anything on the russian website of WIDU/AEI/ whatever else..........that explains why they needed the King of Belgium to issue them a Business License?

    Or is that standard affiar in Belgium?


    Seems extreme to me.
  13. kcfile

    kcfile New Member

  14. kcfile

    kcfile New Member

    If the above link http://www.eurydice.org/Eurybase/Application/gettext.asp?tablename=BD_EN_6&id=4873&nparam=0 does not work, pls see below content by cutting and pasting:

    6.2. Specific Legislative Framework
    A Law dated 1933 protects the titles in higher education. Higher education was reorganized by the Law dated July 7, 1970, grouping, bringing together and clustering all post-secondary forms of educational types and classifying them according to Organization of studies and to objectives.

    The most important legal basics are the Royal Decree dated November 3, 1987 on the general organization of higher education kurzer Studiendauer and the Royal decree dated November 6, 1987 on the notion of "regular" student being taken into consideration for financing.

    Königlicher Erlass zur Festlegung der Begriffe 'regulär eingeschriebener Student' und 'für die Finanzierung zu berücksichtigender Student' in der Vollzeithochschule mit Ausnahme der Universität
    Königlicher Erlass betreffend die allgemeine Studienordnung in der Vollzeithochschule kurzer Studiendauer
    Dekret über den Hochschulkurzzeitunterricht
    Dekret zur Abänderung des Gesetzes vom 7. Juli 1970 über die allgemeine Struktur des Hochschulwesens
    Gesetz über die allgemeine Struktur des Hochschulunterrichts
  15. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    I'm not familiar with this country but Royal Decree in France
    couple of cwnturis ego allowed freedom in education.

    This in turn made it posible to start a private institution that is
    independed from State, if state recognition is required than they need to apply for recognition/accreditation by Ministry of Education.

    Diplomas isued by private universities are legal but not of the state national format and their recognition is per case basis.

    Unlike State diplomas of National format that are RA, NA equivalent i.e. GAAP.

    So in the Belgium is it the same as in france?

    Or is it as closer to UK?

    Maybe someone can reply.

  16. Stanislav

    Stanislav Well-Known Member

    They list Kofi Anan as "Grand Ph.D.". Why would he spend any effort checking this thing out? The organization is sophisticated enough to make checking its legitimacy a major effort. Major people like Anan and Prigogine get dozens of honorary titles.

    For me, that Ph. D. program for MBAs I mentioned earlier is a huge red flag. But their vague language is a red flag by itself.

    In Ukraine, a huge number of our "elite" people (including two former Presidents) got highly questionable "Order of St. Stanislaus" medals. Our former dimwit for a Prime Minister and presidential candidate, "Proffessor" (sp. his) V. Yanukovich is a member of worthless "Californian Academy of Science". (of course, those are the people of questionable ethics, unlike Prigogine. But they sure are "famous")
  17. Stanislav

    Stanislav Well-Known Member

    Another example: some guy have got a leading authority in military sociology to indorse Knightsbridge program.

    Famous scientists are often elderly and extremely busy individuals.
  18. 3$bill

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    The president of West Coast University (Panama), Sir Dr. Sarfraz Lloyd [sic],


    Knight of Seborga and PhD from the unaccredited International University of Missouri, is well-known in Australia as the president of West Coast Institute of Management and Technology. A June 29, 2004 article in the Perth Sunday Times characterizes that school as a "fake" "that churns out worthless academic degrees - ripping off hundreds of Third World students who can ill-afford to be conned."[url]www.higheredconsulting.com.au/images/articles/Sunday%2520Times%2520Perth%2520June%25202003.pdf+%22sarfraz+lloyd%22&hl=en&client=safari%20target=nw[/url]

    Concerning two of WCIMT's accrediting bodies, the Times quoted frequent degreeinfo poster George Brown:

    A Google search for "Sarfraz Lloyd" provides a long and colorful history of his involvement in both educational and philanthropic endeavors, including his relationship with WIDU and its president, Eduard Evreinov, PhD, Grand PhD.


    Sir Dr. Lloyd also holds a Grand PhD from WIDU, while Grand Dr. Evreinov serves as "Chairman of WCU International Faculty of Science and Technology and directs and supervise thesis of candidates for PhD and Grand PhD."


    I think, kcfile, you are looking at the WIDU endorsement of WCU from the wrong end. It does not bestow any legitimacy on the latter; it mocks any claims to such by the former.
  19. kcfile

    kcfile New Member

    Nevertheless, it is very hard to pool, even if famous universities like Harvard, so many famous people together to form an institution with academic nature. I think Kofi Anan and most of others should know what purpose of such institution is.

    As I said before, if such institution is flake or fraud in nature, it will be the biggest degree mill to challenge UN and other European countries! That is why I'm interested in studying whether it is another new global educational system in Europe at starting up stage.

    Furthermore, I respect the Russian scientists, some of them really outstanding in USSR era, who are really to contribute their knowledge in this institution.
  20. kcfile

    kcfile New Member

    Thanks 3$bill. Anyway, I think we need to investigate at first what the nature of AEI/WIDU is. Then, is WCU a real department of WIDU as it claimed?

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