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    Re: many

    That is why it makes me confusing! WIDU/AEI, even in private nature, should have some academic purposes/missions. Otherwise, it cann't have such many famous people, including scientists and scholars, to have Grand PhD title.

    Pls see: http://www.stup.ac.ru/tosite/eai/page/doctor_kom.htm . It showed all rectors/senate of Penza State University are holding Grand PhD title. From http://www.stup.ac.ru/tosite/eai/page/penz_otdel.htm , the page even explained:

    The European Academy of Informatization - AEI, created by Royal Decree, in accordance with the Charter, signed by Minister of Justice of Belgium, provides training and awards the degrees of M.S., Ph.D., Grand Ph.D., Penza State University provides training specialists with higher education and has state accreditation for awarding such degrees as B.S., M.S., valid on the territory of Russia.

    Also, from http://www.stup.ac.ru/tosite/eai/page/present.htm , a paragraph described:

    The European and American Universities have the right to award a degree of the doctor of philosophy. The degree grandee of the doctor of philosophy is awarded only AEI. It can be ïðèñóæäåíà to the expert having degree Ph. D, 100 scientific works which have published more, participated in preparation and certification 10-20 Ph. D. And saved up experience in the decision of Global Problems.

    Does it imply AEI's Grand PhD is superior to PhD of other European and American Universities?
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    From initial verification

    I cant find one GAAP - academy. Are all the Ph.D.s awarded by the below academies?

    cademies, Universities, Institutes
    Year foundation

    International Academy of Television
    Anufriev Igor K.Ph. D., Grand Ph. D., Prof
    Interstate Russian - Lithuanian Academy “Energoinformation Sciences, Biology and Medicine” 2001
    Chepulis Gedeminas-Kazis Stase Ph. D., Grand Ph. D., Prof.
    East Diplomatic Academy 2001
    Chernyshev Albert S.Ph. D., Prof.
    Academy of Business Economics and Law 1999
    Daurbekov Sayd-Emi S.Ph. D., Prof.
    Czech Branch of Imperial Academy of Sovereign Development 2000
    Ignatenko Albert V. Ph. D., Grand Ph. D.
    National Academy of Sciences 2000
    Ivankov Piotr F.Ph. D., Grand Ph. D., Prof.
    Public National Academy of Sciences 2000
    Ivanov Piotr F. Ph. D., Grand Ph. D., Prof.
    Imperial Academy of Sovereign Development 2000
    Kovalenko- Dalskaya Natalia E. Ph. D., Grand Ph. D., Prof.
    World Academy of Science for Complex Security 2002
    LUBIMOV Mikhail M.Ph. D., Grand Ph. D., Prof.
    Teaching and Rehabilitation Academy of Armed Forces and Law Machinery 1999
    Matveychuk Lilia V. Ph. D., Grand Ph. D., Prof.
    International Academy of Tourist , Hotel and Restaurant Industries 2000
    Ryabova Inna A. Ph. D., Grand Ph. D., Prof.
    Academy of Urban Management 2000
    Ryzhavin Vladimir D. Ph. D., Grand Ph. D., Prof.
    Cossacks International Academy 2000
    Sarychev Sergei A. Ph. D., Grand Ph. D., Prof.
    Academy of Security , Defense and Public Law Order 1999
    Shevchenko Victor G. Ph. D., Grand Ph. D., Prof.
    Academy of Urban Management 2000
    Ulyanov Boris V. Ph. D., Grand Ph. D., Prof.
    International Diplomatic Academy 2001
    Vorontsov Yuly M. Ph. D., Grand Ph. D., Prof.
    Serguei Vyssotsky International Academy of Arts 2001
    Vysotsky Sergei N. Ph. D., Grand Ph. D., Prof.
    World Information Distributed University (WIDU), Moscow 2001
    Panfilov Aleksandr S. Ph. D., Grand Ph. D., Prof.
    Northwest WIDU 2002
    Ivliev Victor V. Ph.
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    The whole AEI thing feels like a typical Russian vanity academy to me. You know, a way for scientists and educators who did not get into RAS to feel more prominent. They even have an "Order" that avards some kind of medals and knighthoods of some sort. :confused:
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    This may be as well but I think there is additional motive.

    Types of higher education institutions:

    Universitet (University)

    Academia (Academy)

    Institut (Institute)

    Technicheskiy Universitet (Technical University)

    Konservatoria (Conservatory)

    Kolledž (College)

    Technikum (Technical College)

    Uchilische (Specialized Institution)

    In Russia academy can award Ph.D, D.Sc etc,
    RAS and its approved branches on recomendation of HAC - Higher Atestation Comity can award such degrees.

    Now following the plot/conspiracy or maybe business model - they have unrecognized academies and some recognized like Mongolian
    to award some kind of Ph.D that is maybe of Mongolian or Armenian stadards.

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    so they can


    So they can award Phd, just not of Russian State Format?

    So how can they be recognized in Russia?
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    Re: so they can

    Who is they ? WDU or WCUI.

    To be honest this is confusing and maybe deliberatly confusing.
    WDU claim that they can award Ph.D but why are they not listing the document - i.e Russian document that allows that.

    All they list is business licenses in Moscow.
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    After searching a lot from the internet, I have found WIDU may grant its degrees based on the affiliation with International Informatization Academy (I.I.A.) in the General Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the UN, ranking as associate member in UN.

    Pls see http://www.iia.ca/default4.htm for the nature and other details about IIA in Canada. This page also showed the links with WIDU, AEI and Centre International d'Informatisation (CII) as its affiliates.

    Pls see http://www.iia.ca/geninfo.htm about IIA's nature.

    Pls see http://www.iia.ca/iiaun.htm about IIA's relation with UN.

    Pls see http://www.iia.ca/members.htm about IIA's main members.

    Also, from its website, you can find a lot of links to http://www.bridgeworld.org

    So, what is its recognition internationally?
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    I just read their site in russian, there is a disclaimer
    that their diplomas are not of National Format and do not grant
    the same priveleges as national diplomas.

    Sounds like the other place in St. Petersburg.

    IIA is not an organization that can award recognized degrees.
    their status in UNESCO is not an academic recognition of any kind.

    Äèïëîìû è àòòåñòàòû, ïîëó÷åííûå ÷åðåç Âûñøèé Àòòåñòàöèîííî-Êâàëèôèêàöèîííûé Êîìèòåò, íå ãàðàíòèðóþò ïðåäîñòàâëåíèå òåõ æå àêàäåìè÷åñêèõ èëè ïðîôåññèîíàëüíûõ ïðàâ, êîòîðûå èìåþò îáëàäàòåëè äèïëîìîâ ãîñóäàðñòâåííîãî îáðàçöà Ðîññèéñêîé Ôåäåðàöèè.
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    Thank you again, Lerner.

    However, it indicates the academy can grant academic degrees. Also, it seems many UN officials as its members supporting its missions and operations.

    Pls see http://www.iia.ca/geninfo.htm about IIA's nature.

    Pls see http://www.iia.ca/iiaun.htm about IIA's relation with UN.

    Pls see http://www.iia.ca/members.htm about IIA's main members.
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    Could I have a translation please?
    I do not speak gobbledygook.
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    The Academy remunerates for services before it with Diplomas, Honorable Diplomas, International Prizes, Golden Medals "For outstanding services in the field of informatization, of world community".
    It also confers the following academic degrees and titles: Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Science, Doctor of Education, Doctor of Business Administration, Doctor of Public Administration, Full Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor.
    The Academy introduces outstanding achievements in the field of implementing ideas and practical elaboration in technical, educational, political and other social activities, the following academic degrees: Grand Doctor in accordance with the Academy's Regulations on conferring academic degrees; Prima doctor on specialization, stipulated by the Anglo-American educational system traditionally acknowledged by the world community.

    The problem is that NGO's have no academic accreditation athority nor they enjoy such recognition by ministries of education of other countries.

    The International Informatization Academy seems like very respected body, I think their awards are independed and may enjoy level of recognition, but this are unaccredited awards.

    NGO status has no academic value or standing, not a factor by universities and othher academic establishments.

    Be carefull there is NAHE - National Academy of Higher Education in NY that is registered with UNESCO and accredits all the diploma mills, so I read in many treads.
    This adds lots of respect to legitimate academies under UN.:)

    he disclaimer on the russian site tells it all, In Russia such diplomas are not equivalent to state National Diplomas, i.e.

    Dificulty in recognition, access to professions etc.
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    Thanks Lerner. I believe fully what you searched its national accreditation in Russia because I did not know Russian.

    Nevertheless, we may change our views of WIDU/AEI or even WCUI, if they are real affiliates of IIA, an organization of UN. At least, the information of the website, including the professor profiles, http://www.bridgeworld.org/ , should be not fake and without misrepresentation. The professor backgrounds are very impressive and more outstanding than many international accredited universities. In fact, not many universities, even gov't owned or national based, have Nobel Prize Winners in their faculties. It also seems to have a mission to create an educational system in Europe to confront with Western as I mentioned before.

    Through the international academic network and members of IIA, WIDU/AEI/WCUI, even if they are in private nature, should not be difficult to have course articulations/credit transfers with international accredited universities for further study.
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    I have done some checking and at least now I recognise the language (sort of). It appears that this forum and other sites (including google), have great difficulty dealing with Cyrillic letters. Either that or I do not have the proper font set installed- to me, all it looks like is a string of vowels with accents.
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    After looking more in detail and searching via internet from its website, I think IIA will have academic purposes in UN.

    Pls see http://www.iia.ca/iiaun.htm again and extract below:

    The IIA through its branches, departments and chairs at high schools, universities and other general education structures in the world promotes international access to diploma according to systems and programs of international communities; facilities to obtain degrees and scientific titles; maintains activities for internationalizing and standardizing education on global scale.
    The presidium of the IIA performs informatizational role to organize and develop national and regional Academies of informatiology and its operational departments.
    By means of its certifying and qualifying commissions, committees and councils of experts in compliance with the law the IIA is working to prepare and certify scientific and tutor ship personnel of the highest ranks, i.e. candidates and doctors of sciences, doctors of philosophy and grand doctors, senior lecturers and professors.

    Pls see also http://www.pco-bcp.gc.ca/default.asp?Language=E&Page=pmarchive&Sub=newsreleases&Doc=tcrussia.20020215_e.htm (TEAM CANADA 2002 SCORES $337 MILLION IN NEW BUSINESS DEALS IN RUSSIA) Extract below:


    International Informatization Academy and McGill University signed a memorandum of understanding with Moscow State University’s Faculty of Management for the exchange of students and programs and the development of a distance education system. The agreement is valued at $5 million over two years, of which an estimated $2.5 million is Canadian content.

    International Informatization Academy and McGill University signed a memorandum of understanding with the Moscow State Institute of Foreign Affairs for the exchange of students and programs and the development of a distance education system, and to use McGill’s MBA program as a model to create similar programs in Moscow. The agreement is valued at $5 million over two years, of which $2.5 million is Canadian content.


    Also, from its main page of showing updated news: http://www.iia.ca/main1.html

    According to this agreement a Regional Office for Africa had been established in Tripoli. The major partner of this Office will be the International Gaddafi Foundation. One of the main goals of this Office will be to provide foreign countries and corporations with real information on country and support foreign investments in Libya and Africa. One of the serious projects will be an establishment of the International University and modern training courses in Tripoli. Members of the IIA will have an opportunities to participate in projects covering different fields like construction, tourism, telecommunication, IT, transportation, ecology, business development, agriculture, energy and etc.

    It seems there are a lot of international educational cooperations through IIA.
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    Furthermore, if the qualifications awarded by IIA/WIDU/AEI/WCUI, e.g. Grand PhD, are acceptable in UN and its organizations, including UNESCO as academic title, does it mean its level is equal to or even higher than a PhD degree granted by local educational minister of a country that is a member of UNESCO?
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    As I mentioned earlier.

    They diplomas in Russia are of private and not National nature.

    All the information you provided is from IIA, what they say about them selfs.

    I agree that based on the professor profiles mentioned on their site it looks like very qualified people, It is posible that what Stanislav stated that its just the professors that didn't make it in to Russian academy of sciense an created some other honorble substitute.

    It would be benefissial to find if they are accredited by any recognized body as UN and ANESCO do not provide academic recognition, nor they evaluate NGO's for that meter.

    I'm yet to see any NACES or other reputble - NARIC agency state that they are recognized GAAP diplomas.

    Maybe honorble diplomas.

    I'm 99% sure that their diplomas will not be positivly evaluated by
    reputble credential evaluation agency such as ECE, WES.

    They can wrote alot about them selfs, and UN as academic recognition has no standing and miningless.

    One more comment, when you parafrased my words it made sound that they have national accreditation in Russia, what the russian site tels is that they are NOT nattionaly accredited there and the diplomas are of their own format and NOT national State format i.e. limited to no recognition.

    Even Adam Smith lists well qualified jury professors, still they diplomas are of private format and not recognized in France, so good faculty is a big pluss but no official recognition is a big minus. UN is not in business of accrediting education providers, they do via UNESCO contribute alot especially in developing countries and involved in education via their partners but that not the same as recognition by National body suchas Ministry of Education, nor the diplomas are of such a standard.

    Sorry my opinion that the diplomas are of honorble nature, and have no or very little academic value.

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    However, we may put it into another side. WIDU/AEI is accredited by IIA, a member of UN. Therefore, it is not necessary to get national accreditation. In fact, which country? IIA is working for UN, not a particular country. So, recognition from UN is enough. If the academic awards granted by WIDU/AEI/IIA are legally empowered by UN, it will imply the awards are commonly acceptable in UN. In fact, many UN officers are granted the title of Grand PhD as shown in the related websites. I suppose they appreciated to use such title since they did not mind to disclose their profiles at the websites publicly.

    Also, the mission of WIDU/AEI/IIA is to set up a global educational system and to train specialists to solve global problems. It implies international educational cooperation programs at diplomatic level are required. You can see below link is not from IIA's own website but from Gov't of Canada to explain IIA with McGill University contributed to set up distance learning system at Moscow.


    Knowledge required for professors and scientists participated into such project would be more than enough for a simple thesis submission of a DBA/PhD graduate.
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    I just stated my opinion.

    To me such a Ph.D will be honorary.

    You know Michael Jacson has one, he is very talanted musician and pop star, on the negative well I'm not going to say more.

    UN Honorary award may be pluss but not an indication of Academic value.
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    I discovered a sister university to WIDU: World University for Development of Science, Education and Society. Among other things, they offer a "special program for MBA holders" that allows them to get Russian Kandidat Nauk degree. Individualized program "typically" lasts 3 to 6 months and the University "does not place restrictions to the nature of MBA program". Lerner, you can see it for yourself: http://www.wudses.com/mbapr.html (for others: it's in Russian). Surely you can appreciate the beauty of this scheme!

    Another thing: among divisions of WIDU Russia, there is "Higher Attestation and Qualification Commitee". Now they are describing themselves as a glorified credentials evaluator, but the name was clearly chosen to be confused with Higher Attestation Commitee of the Ministry of Education and Science. HAC is the body that approves Kandidat-granting commitees (Councils of Science) of legitimate institutions, and also confers higher doctorates. Again, here is the URL to be appreciated by Lerner:

    Finally, the whole verbiage of "Informatization" and "Global Problems" seems overly pompous to me. It just... sounds suspect. Kind of like "Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics" of WMSCI hoax fame. Scientific buzzwords with no real content.
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