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    My degree says Ellis College Of New York Institute of Technology. Does this mean my degree is worthless since Ellis College no longer exists and became unaccredited? I asked the school and they didn’t answer any of my questions but they responded to my request to take Ellis College off my degree and that was a no.

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    No, your degree is not worthless. Your degree was valid at the time of study and graduation because your school accredited. You graduate from Ellis College, a school that belongs to the New York Institute of Technology...not Ellis University. In order words, you graduate from NYIT.
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    The whole sorry mess reminds me of the collapse of the New College of California which took its law school with it. There was no alternative accreditation source in that case and a good many students were left high and dry.
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    As has been noted, rest easy. If your degree was accredited when you graduated it remains accredited. Plus bonus, it was a college of NYIT.
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    It would be best to verify that the records are actually at NYIT before making this claim to an employer, however. If NYIT can verify that a person graduated from there, solid. It doesn't matter what the physical diploma says. I would just drop Ellis from the resume. If the records are kept with Ellis, then while you might be able to claim the NYIT alumni status in good conscience it will be much harder to validate to a prospective employer

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    This was posted on Ellis University at the time of defunct.


    Parchment, a third-party vender, will be fulfilling transcript orders and employment verification for all graduates of Ellis University (formerly known as John Hancock University and Cardean University). Students and/or graduates may request transcripts by visiting: http://www.ellis.edu/transcript.html

    Note: Ellis College students should contact the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) for questions about their records. Ellis College transcripts can be order at http://www.getmytranscript.com"
    URL: https://www.ibhe.org/assets/files/Ellis.pdf
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    Love Parchment! My Quantic MBA will be available from them as soon as I graduate.

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