Well it happened, ellis university lost...

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    It's regional accreditation, read below.


    Thanks GOD I stayed with The New York Institute of Technology. (going to Old Westbury NY in a few weeks to graduate!!!!)

    My degree makes NO reference to the now defunct "Ellis College of NYIT", so that;s a good thing. NYIT stopped making references to Ellis about a year ago. However, the hundreds of poor EU students are now frantic.

    Ellis University remains nationally accredited, so they will continue to operate, they are talking about an appeal too, THEY BETTER!! Lots of people trusted them, but the constant hijinks finally caught up with :saeek:THE CARDEAN LEARNING GRP:saeek:, AKA, Cardean University, Ellis College of NYIT, Ellis University..


    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

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    Based upon the information contained within the HLC PDF, it looks like the decision is not final (Ellis has until 5/4 to appeal). From the HLC PDF document (link in OP):

    Recent Accrediting Action
    On April 9, 2011, the Board acted to withdraw accreditation from Ellis University (“the University”).
    This decision is not yet final.
    The University has the opportunity to appeal the Board’s withdrawal action to an appellate body, and that
    body may either reverse or sustain the Board’s action. If the institution files an appeal, the institution will
    remain accredited while the appeal takes place. The appeals process takes approximately ten to sixteen
    The University has until May 4 to file an appeal. If the University elects not to appeal, the action becomes
    final as of May 4.
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    Ellis will remain accredited through the appeal process. In addition, as the OP noted, the HLC Board has to ratify the decision to withdraw accreditation.

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    On what ground the HLC windrow the accreditation?

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    There is a link to the HLC "Public Disclosure Notice" in the first post of this thread. Just click on it to get the full details.

    The Public Disclosure Notice cites "substantive and pervasive problems at the institution with administrative oversight, integrity, planning and budgeting, sufficiency of financial and human resources, and quality issues related to the oversight of teaching and learning."
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    The latest: This does not look like they will be filing an appeal.

    This came from the EU administration in response to a thread/blog I have going in the EU system/forums.

    The following information is provided to answer some questions that have been raised on the blog over the last few days:

    Ellis College students are pursuing degrees through New York Institute of Technology, an institution that is regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. NYIT is working to determine the most seamless way for its students to complete their degrees. Additional information regarding their plans will be provided as it becomes available.

    Ellis University students who have completed or will complete their degrees and satisfy all requirements to graduate within the May 31, 2011 conferral period will be awarded a regionally accredited degree and receive their diploma by the end of June.

    Ellis University is working diligently with several regionally accredited institutions to sign teach-out agreements that will allow other Ellis University students to complete their programs, transferring as many credit hours as possible to a regionally accredited institution, should they choose to transfer. For example, an MBA student who may only be able to transfer 9 credit hours to another school's MBA program, would be able to transfer the majority and, hopefully, all credits earned to one of the schools Ellis has an agreement with. As further information is available regarding these options, it will be shared with each student via letter and email.

    If they do not appeal the decision will be final on May 3 or 4 2011. This just plain sucks for these folks.

    It effects the NYIT students using the EU professors for the teach out, bad situation all the way around..
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    Yes they do as they are "still" technically accredited until May 3. They are waiting for EU to either file an appeal or not, if they don't file their regional ship has sailed. If they do EU may have up to 16 weeks before another FINAL decision is made.

    If you look at my earlier threads on this topic CARDEAN has been playing a very dangerous game with people lives regarding higher education. To them it's a business, to all of us it's a major life decision. If they close the school, I hate to say it, BUT they had it coming.

    $$$$ Just another FOR PROFIT school doing stupid pet tricks. $$$$$
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    The first post from the President of Ellis U after the hammer fell.

    Virginia Carlin posted this entry on 04/21/2011 at 12:10:19 PM (PDT)

    The University was disappointed to learn last night that on April 9, 2011 the Higher Learning Commission's Board of Trustees voted to withdraw the University's regional accreditation. This action is effective as of May 31, 2011; however, the University has the right to appeal the action and is discussing with its legal counsel the best course of action regarding this option. The Commission updated the public disclosure notice which can be read at http://www.ncahlc.org/download/_PublicDisclosureNotices/PDN_2903.pdf

    Under Commission policy, an institution under denial or withdrawal of accreditation is required to submit a teach-out plan to the Commission for review and approval. In this case, the Board has required that the University file its teach-out plan with the Commission no later than May 2, 2011, and has required that the University notify students of their options under the teach-out plan no later than May 8, 2011.

    The University remains nationally accredited by the Distance and Education Training Council (DETC).

    The University administration is working with the Commission, other state and federal government agencies, and several educational institutions to quickly finalize teach-out arrangements for students who wish to complete their degrees at another institution. As additional information about the teach-out is available, the institution will post subsequent updates on Ellis News.
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    I looked at them when they were offering Public Relations degrees and were known as Cardean University. I thought they were overpriced.
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    Overpriced was what I thought as well when I looked into their MBAs.

    At least the folks who don't transfer out or finish early will receive NA degrees. There are worse fates.
  12. Abner

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    Yeah, that's what I was thinking.

  13. recruiting

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    It is when you were paying for an RA degree...
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    I only pay about $50 or so a credit hour for AJU(DETC). I'm sure their paying about $300...so big difference. But there is nothing wrong with DETC.
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    Agreed, never said there was, however one wants to get what they pay for. It is one thing to go into a program understanding that it's accredited one way, then having accreditation change let's say three classes from graduation would not make me happy whatsoever.

    What if you paid for a NA degree program and three or four classes out from graduation they lost it that accreditation and then were only accredited by their state, would you like that - of course not. Suppose you are a federal employee in this situation your degree in now useless, that would be the same for the military. The accept NA and RA degrees only.

    Bottom line is, cost aside I would want what I was paying for, and talking to many of the EU students that are members of my NYIT online group, they feel the exact same way..
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    BTW I was NEVER an Ellis University/Cardean fan.. If you look at my earlier posts I make that clear, they are were way overpriced as well, and the lack of name recognition as Ellis University was a big issue for me as well when they left NYIT, so I stayed.

    The group of "business people" running that place have been given so many GOLDEN opportunities and blown it, they should go out of business.. The ONLY reason I hope they get through this is for all the students that have worked their butts off to get a degree and fill a life's dream. To those folks at Ellis U it is JUST a damn business and I hate that.

    What they need to do is FIRE the entire administration of Ellis University and start fresh. Most of these folks have been there since the beginning of Cardean University and can't even keep the students happy with basic services like financial aid/Bursar, academic advising, registrar and so on..

    I had some Army TA issues when we were under them as Ellis College of NYIT students and all I can say is that it REALLY sucked. un-returned emails and calls, issues with my degree map - it took THREE YEARS and 4 academic advisers to get my map correct. It was a disaster, then they split from NYIT and I stayed behind then all was right with the world. So see it CAN be done, the EU command staff just does not care if and how it gets done, so THEY SHOULD ALL lose their jobs and start fresh with folks that give a shiza about the folks paying them.

    Read the online reviews about EU and Ellis of NYIT when Cardean had it, horrible and most of the posts are about the employees there. Everyone loves the professors and technology they use but that's not enough for most.
  17. Ding

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    Actually, it's not true that the people there have been there since the Cardean days. I worked there for about 2 years while it was transitioning from Cardean to Ellis of NYIT, and there is no longer anyone there that I worked with. The top administration was like a revolving door.

    That said, the same problems persisted there for years. They hired business people, not people with academic backgrounds, and as soon as they left or were fired, they replaced them with the same kind of person. The same mistakes were made again and again and again.

    It's a shame they couldn't make things work with NYIT, but that was never supposed to be a permanent arrangement anyway, and because everyone knew that, no one ever tried to deal with their problems seriously.
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    Here is the latest from NYIT. They are not shirking their responsibility in this disaster for Ellis University HOWEVER there are complications that have arisen for EC-NYIT students from EU losing their Regional Accreditation. Please read below.

    Dear NYIT Ellis College Student:

    As I'm sure you are aware, the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (HLC) has recently taken unfavorable action with respect to Ellis University's regional accreditation. Understandably, questions have arisen about how the loss of regional accreditation for Ellis University will impact Ellis College of NYIT students.

    As background, when NYIT decided to close its Ellis College branch, we offered students the option of completing their NYIT degree requirements (and receiving NYIT degrees) by attending online classes offered by Ellis University (EU), a new, completely separate online university. If you have received this message, you accepted that offer and, as such, are part of what we call the "Ellis College teach-out population."

    We chose Ellis University for this purpose because it offered the same online programs and courses we had developed for Ellis College, hired the same excellent faculty, and used the same sophisticated course platform that Ellis College students had been using. According to the terms of the teach-out (approved by NYIT's regional accrediting agency, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education [MSCHE]), NYIT regularly monitors both the courses and the quality of work produced by Ellis College students to ensure that they meet NYIT standards. We remain more than satisfied with both.

    While we do not yet know everything (some questions require responses from the MSCHE and the U.S. Department of Education and we have not yet received guidance from them), there are some things we can share. Be assured: we understand that making reasonable arrangements for you to complete your degrees is NYIT's responsibility and we take that responsibility seriously.

    1.Ellis College students in the teach-out receive their degrees from NYIT, which remains a regionally accredited institution. This has not changed.

    2.We hope Ellis University can continue to serve as the host institution for NYIT's Ellis College Teach-Out students despite the HLC action because it continues to be accredited by a nationally recognized accreditation agency, the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC: ). We are awaiting confirmation that this is the case.

    3.If for some unanticipated reason NYIT finds that EU cannot serve as the host institution for NYIT's Ellis College Teach-Out students, NYIT is responsible for developing a substitute plan and submitting it to MSCHE for review and approval.

    Both NYIT and Ellis University are working to ensure that students experience minimal impact, but some is inevitable. For example, we recently changed the start dates for the summer sessions. This is because Ellis University has requested an HLC accreditation extension through August 2011 and expects a decision by May 16th...which would have been the EU term start date. Since the HLC decision would affect the enrollment choices of EU students (it has less impact on EC students), NYIT agreed it made sense to postpone the start dates of the two summer terms.

    We will do our best to keep you posted on events as they transpire. In the meantime, be assured that both schools are working together to make the best possible plans for moving forward.

    If you have any questions or comments please feel free to be in touch with me at the address below.

    Harriet Arnone, Ph.D. <----outstanding individual
    NYIT's Ellis College Provost and Teach-Out Supervisor
    [email protected]
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    Dear Ellis University Student,

    As you know, Ellis University has been awaiting official approval from the Higher Learning Commission's (HLC) Board of Trustees to remain regionally accredited through August 31, 2011. At the time of this writing, the University has not yet received that formal approval, however through discussions with Commission staff, we have been advised that the approval is likely. The formal decision will be posted today through the University's Public Disclosure Notice on the HLC website and you may read that here (http://www.ncahlc.org/download/_PublicDisclosureNotices/PDN_2903.pdf). Once the extension is approved, courses completed during the summer terms and degrees conferred during the August conferral period will continue to hold both regional (HLC), and national, Distance Education and Training Council (DETC), accreditation status. This extension is primarily designed to assist those students who are able to complete their degrees by August 2011.

    Students who want to finish their degree this summer and haven't already worked with their academic advisor to confirm their registration for their remaining courses should do so at this time. Summer classes begin on Monday, May 23rd, and students may continue to add classes during the first week. Students may request registration immediately by sending an email to [email protected]. Students should receive a response within 24 hours.

    As discussed in previous communications, Ellis will remain a nationally accredited institution, accredited by DETC. Students who choose to continue to take classes at Ellis University after the summer semester will graduate with a nationally-accredited degree.

    The University has entered into teach-out agreements with the following institutions:

    Argosy University
    DeVry University
    New York Institute of Technology (NYIT)
    Walden University

    Each of these institutions has agreed to assist Ellis students on a case-by-case basis to complete their programs of study. These institutions may make special accommodations such as waiving residency requirements or accepting course substitutions to ensure that students are able to meet their program completion and graduation requirements. Tuition costs and course formats vary by institution.

    The University has established a teach-out page on the virtual campus with more detail on each of the teach-out institutions, the programs they offer and the processes for contacting each. Please visit this page (from the Campus Menu) for the most up to date information.

    While the approval of both the extension and the schools involved in the teach-out took longer than expected, we are pleased that we are finally able to provide you with this information. We will continue to work on your behalf to help you complete your academic endeavors.


    Roger H. Widmer, Ed.D.
    The only problem with the "teach out" agreement is THEY DON'T HAVE ANY AGREEMENT WITH THESE SCHOOLS!!

    NYIT is not helping out with the Ellis University students (BAD BLOOD)

    The other three schools only transfer their usual 90 or so credits, so AKA no teach out agreement for 10% transfer. This kind of thing is what got them in

    trouble in the first place.

    This letter is a SCAM and the Ellis U students are getting royally screwed. If anyone reading this is even romotely thinking of ELLIS UNIVERSITY

    (the nationally accredited version) as a place to get a degree PLEASE stay away - stay away - stay away. They will NOT last, don't trust them whatsoever.

    Ellis University as usual is saying things that are NOT true to their students, like they have a great teach out plan. When the students desperately contact

    the academic advisers of those schools they say "we have no idea what you are talking about" and NYIT says that they DO NOT have an agreement with

    Ellis U either.

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    Ellis Univ is a big rip-off. I completed undergrad with NYIT Westbury when Ellis was there, the student services was horrible back then, but at least it was accredited appropriately. I looked at the grad work with Ellis Univ, they told me they were accredited, then I realized they could not accept financial aid. They told me they were pending it and should have, but insisted that they were accredited. I enrolled in one class and then told them I changed my mind to withdraw me, instead they charged me for the class and threatened collections for a class that I requested to withdraw from.

    Big time scam artists and their "new" grant program is a joke, I keep getting emails about a grant program to cut tuition in half. I am a veteran and any military member who goes with these people for a degree is wasting their time and benefits. Go with a quality program, if a school cannot accept federal financial aid--run away from it asap!

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