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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Chip, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Chip

    Chip Administrator

    Hey, all!

    Thanks for your patience during our upgrade. The task was a bit larger than originally anticipated and so took a bit more time. In addition to a new software platform, we've moved to a much faster and more robust main server, with separate redundant database servers. This, combined with the new platform should give us a modern, fully mobile-compatible forum, with a lot more features. This is the first step in "modernizing" degreeinfo, and more things will be happening in weeks and months to come.

    It's quite possible there will be small bugs and issues. Please note here any problems you see so that our tech team can address them as quickly as possible.

    And special thanks to all our moderation team and our many long-term contributors for putting up with the antiquated (10+ years old) platform we switched from. I'm hoping this is a good way to start out the new year!

    Take care, enjoy, and please share your thoughts and comments.
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  2. me again

    me again Well-Known Member

    The education industry will continue to grow over the next 10-15 years, so the forum upgrade will accommodate present and future inquiries about degree programs that will help people gain constructive employment or promotions.

    It looks good.
  3. mintaru

    mintaru Active Member

    This is great! Thanks for the good work.
    BTW, if this is phase 1 what will phase 2 be? (What about TLS?)
  4. Maniac Craniac

    Maniac Craniac Moderator Staff Member

    We're back! And the avatars actually work now! Except that my years-old uploaded avatar is now distorted beyond recognition and I have no idea why :D
  5. mbwa shenzi

    mbwa shenzi Active Member

    XenForo! Cool.
  6. Koolcypher

    Koolcypher Member

    Looks good.
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  7. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator Staff Member

    Wow, this is going to take some getting used to, but I think I like it! :D
  8. heirophant

    heirophant Well-Known Member

    I like it. (Avatars!)

    Thanks for your efforts Chip. It's appreciated.

    One question: What is the new 'Main Forum' all about?
  9. decimon

    decimon Well-Known Member

    Do we know if Kizmet is well?
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  10. cookderosa

    cookderosa Resident Chef

    Trophies? Ok cool but the emoji library is pretty slim:eek:
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  11. mintaru

    mintaru Active Member

    It seems the quote function doesn't fully work sometimes. In some cases, a quote starts with: bution type">[user name here] said: butionLink">↑

    That's just a minor error, but it would be great if it could be fixed.
  12. bceagles

    bceagles Member

    This is great, thanks for all the hard work!

    What was the motivation to upgrade the platform?
  13. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    I like it! Now I can subject you all to my ugly mug! I agree with Jennifer on the paucity of emojis, though....
  14. Chip

    Chip Administrator

    It is pretty much a configuration error. :) We will be addressing that soon.
  15. Chip

    Chip Administrator

    Thank you! The principal motivation was multifold, but some of the reasons were a lack of mobile support (mobile use of the web comprises on average about 70% of total web usage now), an aging platform that was reaching end-of-life as far as security and support, and downgrades from Google on search traffic because of the lack of mobile compatibility, reducing total traffic to the site. Lots of other reasons as well, but those were the primary ones.
  16. cookderosa

    cookderosa Resident Chef

    I have a question for anyone- when I used to visit the forum, I could click to see the only posts that I hadn't yet read- now I'm not sure how to do that. Any ideas?
  17. Chip

    Chip Administrator

    In the blue menu bar at the top (below the black bar and above the light blue bar), there's a link "new posts" which has the function you're after. There is also a small bar to the right of the main forum page that shows the latest posts.
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  18. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    Is there a way to darken the text or change the font type or size?
  19. nyvrem

    nyvrem Active Member

    hello ~!
  20. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Ian Anderson wrote: "Is there a way to darken the text or change the font type or size?

    Yes - surrounding it with appropriate tags seems to work.

    Like this: If it works this should be bold.
    And this should be big.

    And this should be big, bold and italic.

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