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    While I'm not currently looking to start another Master's program right now, I did end up writing to UVEG to tease out some of the details of their postgraduate offerings. They got back to me after a few days with the following details:
    • All of their programs are open to the public, not just Mexican nationals. But foreign students must complete a revalidation process so that their studies carried out abroad are considered valid in Mexico.
    • Their Master's degree programs are asynchronous. The programs are completely online, and the platform is open 24 hours a day.
    • The program outlines did not mention a thesis nor capstone project, so I inquired if these exist. I was told that, to receive the degree, a student must complete all coursework (~80 credits), pay all fees, and finally request to graduate through their online platform. So I guess that means no thesis?
    • At the postgraduate level, UVEG charges a bimonthly payment per subject, and only 1 subject can be taken each bimester. The master's degree has a total of 12 subjects, and the program has an average completion time of 2 years. If I've done my maths correctly, the admissions fee, total tuition, and various degree issuance fees would come out to 31,048 MXN or 1,822.52 at today's exchange rate.
    I hope this is helpful to anyone planning to apply.
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    AsianStew was talking about a Bachelor's and Messdiener about a Master's. On the surface, it looks like a very big difference between undergrad and grad programs. 2 subjects a month, vs. one every 2 months. But yeah, it's understandable. Plenty fast enough to suit me, anyway. Life in the fast lane, OK. But "Slow Down for School" like the road signs say. :)
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    Besides - for the first time in oh - maybe 40-odd years, I actually have a couple of friends. I wouldn't leave them for a life of rum and degrees of varying quality, under the boiling Costaraguan sun. Not if Costaragua paid me. And I'm sure they won't. :)

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