UTIU - graduate degree for under $6000

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Denver, Aug 21, 2011.

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    How seriously are we supposed to take a school that charges $6,000 and uses the game "Second Life" as a teaching platform?

    Here's a quote:

    "In the virtual classroom of Second Life on the UNINETTUNO Island of Knowledge the students and the professors/tutors teach and learn in a collaborative and cooperative way; they build and share knowledge with people belonging to different political, cultural and religious settings, they dialogue, cultural differences are confronted, socialization processes are implemented as well as the creation of new knowledge."

    Additionally, these unaccredited self-admitted GAMERS are teaching grad degrees in Mental Health Assessment and Counselling. (That's the page my quote comes from.) That's dangerous! I think it should be stopped.

    What's next? Convocation on Farmville? World of Warcraft degrees?

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    A retraction is in order - here it is...


    Wrong AGAIN!

    First, I apologize for not knowing that many major universities use Second Life and other VR platforms. Someone elsewhere directed me to a list of 20 or 30, US and International, all first-rate schools. I'm behind the times.

    Second - this school appears on a WIKI list of accredited Italian distance Universities. If the WIKI is correct then I apologize for stating it was unaccredited.
    List of universities in Italy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Not a good day for me....


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