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    I'm not sure how valid this is, but I wouldn't be surprised. I'd chalk it up at the same low-grade anti-American bollocks my adopted Canadian brethren are so fond of. If the alternative is attending night UofT program(me) for $100K, I'd say I would take my chance with a cheaper AACSB program(again, -me. Can't quite translate the whole post in French to satisfy the bilingualism fans).

    -Stan, the FORMER Canadian public servant.
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    This guy here - me - who has lived in Canada for 68 years and passes for Canadian, thinks your post is spot-on, Stanislav. Low-grade anti-whatever bollocks goes two ways, though. We give it and get it back. I think we each have to declare it before lobbing it across the border... but yeah, this is as good a sample as any.

    I could translate the whole post into French - but why bother? I am a fan of bilingualism - I'd like to see it here, but we don't really have that in Canada. We have dual monolingualism. Side by each. The majority of people outside Quebec (barring occasional enclaves here and there) cannot speak French and will never learn. It is too late for most and there is no incentive to do so. A good part of the reason is that it has been badly taught (and started too late) in the schools for generations. It is taught somewhat earlier now, but no better in most instances. The fact that I'm more fluent in French than my children or grandchildren is no fault of theirs. Mine is just a fluke - I liked languages enough to survive the way they were 'taught' - if that is the correct word.

    I am impressed with the number of young people in Quebec - mostly those presently or recently in higher education - who speak very good English indeed. They are truly bilingual. But by and large, the Quebec Government has suppressed English - and all other languages but French, for some years now - legally. Municipal officials have been allowed to actively prevent many English-speaking parents from sending their children to English schools; their Language Police once made a foray into Montreal's Chinatown, bent on ordering removal of all Chinese-language signs. Great comedy movie concept - but a sad reality.

    Quebec has a Bureau of French Language Protection. Where is the Bureau of English Language Protection? Oh yes - right next to the Bureau of Bilingualism Protection. Ha!
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    But despite any longish category of faults - I would not want to live anywhere else in the world. The good far outweighs the bad - for me, at least. Especially in current times.
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    Does anybody have got experience with this university or their MBA?

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